Monday, January 10, 2011

little things

Little reason #48937 why I love Chas:
He makes carbonara for dinner. Chas lived in Italy for two years (serving an LDS mission) so watch out- his pasta is the rill dill.
Little reason #83959 why I love Chas:
No one looks cuter in stripes.
 Little reason #18322 why I love Chas:
Cute bum.
Let's get a close-up of those tea towels, please. 

Mother-in-law Christmas present for the win.

Also, I was in charge of Family Night tonight. There's a great little article in this month's Ensign titled, "The Grapefruit Syndrome." It's about overlooking your spouse's shortcomings and resisting the urge to criticize. So we read it and then described specific things we appreciate about each other. 

Whether they're big, little, or medium-size, there are always plenty of positives worth seeing and telling.


Haley K said...

i looooooooove carbonara :) Could you guys share the recipe! And i dig your hubby's shirt. And those towels! The little poms are too cute!

Erica said...

That was a great article, and I laughed at it while vowing to better. Love those towels!

Jenny said...

cute towels! I read that Ensign article yesterday, it was pretty funny (who cares how someone peels a grapefruit!?) but also good to remember to focus on the positive.

Shalyn said...

I love the lesson you taught for FHE- so important, ill have to read that one soon! And I love your little reasons. My hubby went to Georgia on the mish but doesn't cook much southern food. Dang!

Megan said...

Such a sweet post! : )

Diana Smith said...

I read that story a few weeks ago and it made me think too! So silly how we can get caught up in such tiny things! Glad you guys picked out things that you like about each other, such a nice thing!

jessica.adams said...

Yes. Those towels are AH.MAZE.ING.