Monday, January 31, 2011


Sunday was our happy, happy, happy, happy, happy 1-year anniversary! 

First of all, I still refuse to believe we've been married for a whole 12 months. Only the fastest year of my life. So crazy. Crazy like our crazy love for each other. Friday night we had dinner at the fancy schmancy restaurant we ate at our first day as a married couple. And, just like last year, I ate so much that I spent the rest of the evening pretty much nauseated. I love when I do that to myself. But sometimes so much good food is worth the belly ache afterward. This was one of those times. 

I'm sure you all already know this but I love saying it soooo...
this has been the happiest year of my life! And not just because marriage is great, because it is. But this kind of joy comes from love of self and love of Chas.

Here's to our first year together AND 
to day 1 of year 2!

 engagement pic

 Linds' amazing cakes made just for us!

 outside the Draper, UT temple

 making carbonara for Valentine's Day

 be still, my heart

our first little Avenues apartment


 wedding day kiss

our first big purchase: scootie!

 wedding day twirling hugs

 and then we discovered photobooth

 Liz's spring dance recital

 Chas' bday present to me

 California trip (Angel's baseball game)

 remember when Chas was on T.V. ?!

 family wedding "love fest" luncheon

 new glasses =

 Hires always turns our frowns upside down

 it's important to document wedding color outfit coordination

Bette: "If Chas never changed out of this outfit, I wouldn't be sad."


not an unusual Friday night scene for us

 Blue Lemon reception

  wedding cake

The beginning.


Janssen said...

I love love love love love this. Happy anniversary.

Please never stop posting about how happy you are.

Janice said...

It was a lovely reception. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

umm hi, cutest post ever? i think so. you guys have so many adorable pictures! congratulations!!

Diana Smith said...

Happy Anniversary! You made it to one year!! That's the hardest year apparently!

Valerie said...

congrats on one year, and here's wishing you many, many, many more years just as happy as this one!

candace said...

we are officially lame for not getting the four of us together for a whole year. on a happier note--I'm so HAPPY for you!!

Emma said...

happy one year! you two are fabulous together.

Lindsey Johnson said...

You two are my favorite couple evah. I was almost jumping up and down at the gym when I saw a rerun of Chas on Saturday. I wanted to yell, "I'm related to him! He's awesome! His movie is awesome! His wife is awesome!" Instead I kind of got choked up when I thought about his movie and how much I love you guys.

The happiest I've been in my cooking/baking career? Making your cake. True story.

(p.s. word verification:'s a sign.)

Eliza said...

Hooray for "young love" growing old together - one year down, and an eternity to go!!!

You guys are the best! It was fun to take the walk down memory lane.

What a year and what a duo!!

Three cheers for Sam and Chas!

We just love you guys!!

(did I do enough of these !!! do you think?)

{av} said...

How can you not love this post?! You both look so happy--sigh. Sounds like you had a perfect first anniversary :) can't get enough of all of these fun photos! Here's to a lifetime of fun photos and memories like these! xoxo {av}

Shalyn said...

You two are the cutest- I love all the pictures, they are beautiful!

It only gets better:-)

HettyA said...

You guys are so cute! Happy Anniversary! :)

Young People in Love said...


Jenny said...

You guys are so cute. Happy Anniversary!

AE Jones said...

What a beautiful couple. Seriously - you two are darling. Fun recap on your year - thanks for sharing photos.

jessica.adams said...

I kinda dropped off the blogosphere for a bit, but wanted to stop back and say hi! Been missing you and it's nice to catch up!!
Happy Anniversary!

Catherine Anne said...

Your blog is so adorable! Happy {Late} Anniversary! Love the format, the photography and all of the pictures in your posts! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and for following! :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

i love this! happy belated anniversary. you two make an adorable couple. much love and happiness!