Thursday, February 10, 2011

for goodness' sake, Kailey & Janssen!

These two are the last of the 'for goodness' sake' posts. But don't cry for me, Argentina, because there will always be plenty o' goodness on this here blog or my name isn't Sam. 

 My owl. 

 Vintage books on our bookshelf. 

And bring it home, Janssen.  

 A community chalk drawing event in the fall. That beautiful weather is why I live in Texas.

And of course, I can't help but include an image of my baby. Heaven help me, I'm that mom. Also, I love the vibrant colors of the bookshelf behind her.

I think ending with this sweet little pup face is perfect, don't you? 
Thanks to everyone for sending in their goodness! 
Wasn't that the most fun you've ever had in your life??? 


Anonymous said...

your baby is adorable. Can I have her? thanks.

Young People in Love said...

she's actually not my baby- she belongs to my friend, janssen. :) but we can all share, right?

Kimbirdy said...

i'm not a big fan of babies, but that little one is completely adorable! i also love the owl. cute!

Kailey said...

this is a suprise because i didn't even think my pictures got sent! I got some kind of error message on my e-mail and I was so frustrated I just gave up!
Thanks for posting them!

Janssen said...

Ha, I love the idea that you might have just had a baby, not mentioned it and then just casually dropped a picture of her on the blog. :)

LOVE that white owl. Neeeeeeeeed.

leigh said...

That baby is SO cute!!!!