Thursday, February 10, 2011

how good it is to see you

Early Tuesday morning, Chas left for a shoot in NYC. Now, before we get into what's really important, let's just take a moment to remember that Chas is getting paid to shoot film footage in his hometown. We're talking blessing city and Chas is the mayor. Jeeze louise. 

He'll be gone until late Sunday night. 
Our longest separation.

I'm actually doing alright, if you don't count sleeping. Getting a good night's rest all by yourself in a queen bed meant for two is like Jimmer missing a 3-pointer. Not gonna happen. (Did I just make a sport's reference? Woah. Weird.) 

So guess what I did today? I took the day off and hung out with my mom. Just because. Who says Chas gets to have all the fun? We didn't do anything fancy. Just window shopping and a Costco run which probably was the most exciting part of the day thanks to the free samples around every corner. Felt like I had eaten dinner by the time we left and was super tired. Maybe it's just me but what is it about Costco that totally wipes you out? Maybe it's the free samples food coma. Yeah, that's probably it. 

With Chas gone, I have way too much free time after work. I keep promising myself that I'll do some painting but have still managed to put it off. Painting is like exercising: hard to find the motivation but always so glad when I do. I'm forcing myself to get started tomorrow night. In the meantime, I made this little movie starring Archie pup.

How good it is to see you from Chas Kelly on Vimeo.

Now it's time for some leftover German chocolate Bday cake which I have most definitely eaten at least one slice a day of for about 10 days in a row now. I regret nothing.


candace said...

ha ha! that movie is so cute and sad!

AE Jones said...

Good for you... no regrets on that chocolate cake! :) Hope you're okay until Sunday night!

Cassie said...

Your movie is adorable! You poor things, left all alone.
It's wonderful to meet you (in a blogger type of way) You have so many neat pictures!

Gaby said...

My husband has to go away for work all the time and it sucks! I can't sleep when he's gone either, so I know just what you mean. Hang in there and count down the days til he gets back! x

Natalie said...

awesome, no regrets for the cake!! German chocolate is the only kind of cake I like except ice cream cake.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You're so sweet. :) I really like yours too. I hope we get to know each other! I'm starting to love the blog world. I get to meet awesome people!

Hope you have a good weekend. xoxo Natalie

Days Gone Design Blog said...

Oh I hate being home alone too! At night, that is. LOVE Costco!

I'm totally with you on the painting. It is SO like working out! It takes me forever to get motivated to start but then I get such a release when I finally do. I planned to paint a mural in my baby Evie's room. We moved right before she was born so I didn't get the chance to do when I was nesting. Here she is, 7 months old and I've only sketched it so far! Terrible momma!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your uber sweet comments! You are a doll and I love your cute blog! I'm your newest follower:) Nice to meet ya!

Emily said...

I know how you feel. =(
It's kinda good for them to be gone a little bit - makes the heart grow fonder. Archie is such a cutie!
Oh - and I read this and thought of you this morning - you probably already know about the new location...

kate said...

i don't know how you didn't just stick your face in that cake 10 days ago. very impressed.