Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's double feature!

Chas and I take turns being in charge of Valentine's Day each year. That way, one person gets to sit back and just enjoy the holiday without having to worry about anything. Chas was in charge last year. This year, it was my turn. We both took the whole day off yesterday because #1. it was the first day being back together after almost a week apart and, #2. it was Valentine's Day. Duh. 

We slept in and then, while I got up to start working on the Vday surprises, I handed Chas this card I bought and told him to write me a nice love note. Which he did very well.

Chas came out from the bedroom to this:

Check out the ginormous starfish love card I found. Awesome and creepy, all at the same time. (My fave is the broken heart at the bottom with black all around.)

I think Chas' face here does a nice job of expressing our feelings about this card. (Happy/nervous/confused)

For breakfast, we had cinnamon roll hearts. I'm pretty proud of myself for this one.

Seriously, though. How darling is!?

And then, for a little present, I ordered this print. It should arrive any day now.

I don't know if I can think of a better phrase to describe me and Chas' past and as a couple. It's perfect.

The rest of the day's activities went a little something like this: 

  • Saw Tangled (Not as good as I'd heard it was.)
  • Bought a new frying pan (Get it?? Perfect after-Tangled activity, right??)
  • Shared a panini and tomato basil soup at The Corner Bakery Cafe for lunch
  • Had some nice snuggled-up couch nap time back at home
  • Did laundry and dishes (we're both fun-loving and productive at the same time!)
  • Saw Megamind at the Dolla Holla theater. Yup- two movies in one day! Only the best for my filmmaker. (And, btw, this was the second time I'd seen Megamind in three day's time. I love that movie.)
  • Made Chas a romantic candle light dinner, complete with Dr. Pepper. 
  • And, because it was Monday, we had a little 11pm FHE action. Chas gave the lesson about listening to promptings from the Holy Ghost.
  • Ended our Vday with some snugs and back tickles to me from Chas. 

I loved everything about today and everything about my Valentine. So many little moments that I wanted to soak, soak, soak all up.  


    Miriam Lusk said...

    How perfect! I love the idea of trading years. We just might have to do that. You guys are awesome. Love the print too. xoxo

    tiffany said...

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! just sayin'. and your valentines day seems so fun!! and cute! those cinnamon roll hearts are just so adorable!

    Sarah said...

    sounds perfect :) and those cinnamon roll hearts look amazing!

    Natalie said...

    Aww, how fun! And so sweet. I love that print.

    Also, we have the same dining nook as you! Target? Love it.

    candace said...

    your apartment looks super cute.

    Days Gone Design Blog said...

    How perfectly cute are you two!!! I love that you take turns each year to be in charge...ingenious!

    Ok, so I looked back at your v-day last year and I totally started that Young Victoria movie on netflix. I got interrupted somehow, but now that you say how awesome it was, I'm totally going to finish it!

    Love your cinnamon roll hearts! So creative...and now I'm hungry:)

    Kailey said...

    what a great idea to trade off years. I might have to implement that! Looks like it was a lovely day.

    Natalie said...

    I love the heart shaped cinnamon rolls!! Those are SO CUTE. :D Looks you guys really enjoyed your time yesterday!

    Janssen said...

    Are you guys the cutest couple there ever was, or what?

    Mary Nevin said...

    impressive :) also i am really glad to know that i'm not the only one who loved megamind. awesome print by the way, you've definitely inspired me to up my romance game.

    Diana Smith said...

    You have such a cute apartment! I love that print that you got him, its really cute!

    The Smith Circle

    elyssa said...

    soooo, i know your sister, sarah, and sometimes i stalk you like a creeper.

    finally time to come out of the closet. i just love peeking into your life. you are adorable and an inspiration to me.

    so there. happy late valentine's day!

    Haley K said...

    i LOVE both cards! sparkles and sea stars holding "hands"...love it :) And I'm so glad you made the cinnamon roll hearts, they turned out great!! and you 2 were smart to get the whole day off :) Happy lover's day to yoU!

    Tunes & Spoons said...

    UMMM!!1 I LOVE that kitchen table! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you got it!!! I must know!! Also, I feel you on the baby thing in the above post. I dream of babies with John Murphy sized lips.