Sunday, February 6, 2011

for goodness' sake, Zina!

I've finally decided to call this little project "for goodness' sake!" The word "lovely" is terribly overused, don't you think? 

I loved Zina's pictures and text which, kinda works out well because I l.o.v.e. Zina

Some paper white bulbs I grew inside that bloomed right before Christmas. They just amaze me how they fulfill the measure of their creation like it's no big deal to be a gorgeous, incredible smelling, elegant flower that sparkles. 

A sunrise I witnessed after spending the night in a parking lot in a ghost town in the middle-of-nowhere Utah desert. I love sunrises and I love abandoned buildings...put them together! Bingo. And that happens every morning whether I'm there to see it or not. So great. 

Last weekend I was snowshoeing in the mountains and came across these little undisturbed bunny tracks laced with shadows in the late afternoon. Nature is a continual dazzle of simple, unnoticed beauty to me. I feel like I could look forever and never stop being marveled.

I bet you l.o.v.e. Miss Zina now, too, huh? She's a keeper, that Zi. 

Thanks to everyone who's sending in their goodness! I hope they brighten your spirits like they do mine. 
Keep checking back because we've got more coming up!


Nicole said...

That's a beautiful sunrise! I'm so sorry you had to spend the night in a parking lot though! Glad you're safe!

Alexa Mae said...

Beautiful pictures!!