Saturday, February 5, 2011

kylee found some goodness!

It has been so fun finding little spots of goodness pop up in my email!
I'm actually loving the descriptions people are pairing with their pictures almost a little bit more than the actual images themselves- gasp! Did I just say that? Ok, well maybe the words and the pictures are equal in happiness. 

First, we have some goodness from Kylee:

Colored pencils. A seemingly common drawing tool but the ordinary things in life can often be the prettiest.

  I took this picture while biking across the golden gate bridge. I particularly love this one because of the simplicity of it. Just a small part of such a large bridge is truly so pretty.

 There is this antique shop I'm pretty much in love with and when I saw these old books, I knew I had to take a picture. Pretty words with pretty covers.

See how fun that was? So come and play! 
Email your own little lovelies:

cuposammyjo [at] aol [dot] com


Shalyn said...

How fun! I am going to have to get my brain working here and start paying attention to the lovely details!

kylee said...

thanks for letting me participate! i seriously love that you are doing this.

Sarah said...

Wonderful pictures. I'm gonna give this a shot! Thanks for visiting my blog, you have such a lovely blog. Following back! xx

Cams said...

i am so glad you posted on my blog so that i could find yours! how lovely! i look forward to updates.


Diana Smith said...

WOW the colors are amazing! I love the colored pencils up close!! So gorgeous!

AE Jones said...

LOVE those pictures. Definitely amazing colors. And I love your new header! (I'm a sucker for gray and yellow.)