Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speaking of goodness,

I have something great to share with you all.

First, I'd like to introduce you to Hue & Hum, or otherwise known as Caitlin and Robbie. I went to high school with these guys and they still are the coolest and cutest rockstar artist/musician couple you'll ever meet. Remember when I posted this song? Yeah, that's Robbie. Are you dying with awesomeness overload yet? If not, then you will be after I tell you about this:

Caitlin is a painter and her artwork is so killer. Starting today, she's selling pay-what-you-want prints. Pay what you want? Yup, she really means it. So whether it's a small or large donation, you decide and then you get a beautiful fine art print. All the deets are on her blog. Totally brilliant.

And if your socks still aren't knocked off, keep in mind that Robbie releases free songs on their blog. In fact, he'll be releasing one on Valentine's Day. And just to mix things up, Caitlin upcycles clothing, makes her own earrings, and sews hip camera cases. Oh yeah, and they have a brand new puppy. So...you should probably follow Hue & Hum. Just sayin'. 


Diana Smith said...

wow pay what you want? Thats unheard of but actually a really cool concept!

Tamara said...

Hue & Hum.
So fun!
love the art work.

HettyA said...

Really liking those art pieces!

Mary Nevin said...

what a great and adorable couple!! thanks for the link, i love finding new bands!! happy tuesday!! :)

Cams said...

how cool are they?!


Gaby said...

That is a great and very generous idea! They sound like an amazingly talented couple.

p.s. the apron I'm wearing in my blog post is from here http://www.freshlyprinted.ca/ and I blogged about it here: http://thislittleport.blogspot.com/2011/01/lovely-gift.html


Megan said...

heey! just saw your sweet comment on my blog! LOVE your little spot in the web here.


Silver Lining Decor said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This art is amazing! And can I just say her hair cut is adorable?! I'm heading over to their blog now to check out more!

Victoria said...

I love artistic couples. Love love love them. Seeing them work together in a loving relationship and an artistic one is so inspiring! I hope to do that with my husband some day! I am a photographer and he is a graphic designer so I'm sure it will work itself out!

I'm glad my blog post could help you out! Its really tough to hear negative things about yourself. Even if before you heard them you wouldn't think they were true, when someone tells you they are you start to question yourself. I hated that feeling and I'm glad I could help someone else get through it.

Days Gone Design Blog said...

So stinkin' cool! Loving this artwork and this chick' hair! Wowza! Love love love...I'm a rocker of short cuts myself so I totally admire:) Can't wait to jump into their blog...

I'm off!