Monday, March 28, 2011

a sweater & and a letter

Check out this sweater my mom was gonna throw away because she accidentally shrunk it. Good thing I was there to save it from an untimely demise. It's so warm and soffy (soft). Being able to bundle up with mustard yellow almost makes me feel ok about the snow falling today. Almost.

(Annnnnd we're back to the computer's camera.)

Side note: Sometimes I feel like, in the blogging world, if you don't have a crazy nice camera and take super beautiful pictures, then you kinda feel like...a loser. Am I right or am I right? 
Well, maybe not a total loser. Just more like the socially awkward kid at school who you say hi to in the hallway mostly because you feel sad for them. 
Yup, that's me. :)

Dear readers, 

I'm sorry this blog is a slave to iPhone and/or computer pictures. I wish they were better, too. I really do. Until then, just know that you're awesome for putting up with the nonsense that sometimes goes on around here. 
It is what it is. 

Love, Sam


elisabeth said...

so cute!
it's funny how things that turn out bad can actually end up good :)
perspective, I guess.

AND I cannot agree with you more about photo quality!
I finally broke down & got a DSLR. I'm glad I did, for so many reasons. but I totally understand the whole socially awkward analogy!

if it makes you feel any better, I think your photos are adorable.


HettyA said...

Hehe I love the sweater! Good save.

I hear you on the photos. I was using camera phone photos for so long I felt like an outcast! Luckily my birthday was a success but I do sometimes miss those awkward iphone photos!

Brittany said...

love that sweater!! that's crazy how it doesn't even look like it was a 'mess up' or shrunk! and i've been meaning to tell you i love your blog layout and the design of everything! being an artist i feel like i notice those things more than always super nice photos, so no worries on that! :)

Diana Smith said...

This sweater fits you perfectly! I love the color!! Good job you saved it, my dear!

Livy Love

melissa said...

LOVE the Jacket! So glad you saved it! I don't have a big fancy camera either. Just a small digital camera =) Go us!!!!! xo

Raven said...

ha! It doesn't matter WHAT you take your pictures with, as long as they are totally cute and yours are! You totally put that sweater to good use! Looks adorable!

Jenna said...

love the sweater!

Abby said...

I totally understand how you feel! But don't worry, I think you blog is super adorable and one of my favorites.

Lindsey Johnson said...

I, for one, love the iphone and computer photos. DSLRs are overrated. :) It adds to the feel of the blog--truly it does. I think it adds a hipness of sorts. (And this is coming from someone who has owned several DSLRs and is still socially awkward.)

Olivia.Dee said...

I actually really enjoy phone photos. I can't haul around my dSLR everywhere... so its nice to take a quick snap via phone. :]
keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

the jacket is super cute! nice save!

Katie Marie said...

Don't worry, I'm right there with you. All I have is an old digital camera and good ol' picnik.

and cute sweater!

che'lyssa said...

Hehe, you're cute with the whole "Dear Readers" letter. But I understand what you mean, I mostly use the iphone or webcam pics. It's okay, one day all of us in the same "camera" boat will get a great cam and we'll shine. But if we never do, just know that your pics are cute regardless :)

PS- I'll try to send some sun from Hawai'i :)


sarah nicole said...

Lady, the thing is, you don't need an amazing cam when you are adorable and really funny.

So don't worry about it. Leave the nice cameras to the boring people. : )



Becks said...

Tres chic. Love the colour!

I think you're pictures are just fine. :)
Sure "nice" cameras can make the "quality" of a picture look better, but it's mostly composition that matters IMO.

A good photographer can make a pic from a low resolution camera look great with good composition, using the low quality to their advantage giving the picture character.