Tuesday, March 29, 2011

urban bloom

Lookee see what I found tonight on our way into the grocery store.

Chas: "Hey look, babe! These flowers are super cheap! Should we get some?!" 
I love that man.

Unfortunately, we remembered how we live in a basement. These pretties probably wouldn't last long in our little underground cave of love. That's alright. Mostly, I just wanted to snap a few pics of evidence of spring.

And hey, thanks so much for your sweet, encouraging comments about the lack-of-a-DSLR issue. I'm feeling much better about my cheapy pics thanks to you.



melissa said...

Awww, these are so beautiful & SO appropriate for Spring! Your man is a good man =) I hope one day to have one just like that! xoxo

Olivia.Dee said...

gorgeous flowers. yay for spring!

Kendra said...

I've been wanting to stop by the market and pick up some flowers to brighten up my place as well!


Dree said...

These flowers are just beautiful! Your pictures are amazing, by the way.


Megan said...

underground cave of love.

well done.

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Aw, man. I love flowers so bad, too. But I'm absolutely no good with flowers, they die so quickly. Every time. :( What a shame!!
But really, those pics are great!! :) So colorful!

Btw, I'm glad you liked the song by Brooke Fraser. :)

Mary Nevin said...

lovely pictures :)

{natalie} said...

i always want to take pictures of grocery store flowers. it's always nice to see some color especially when it's so dreary around here lately.

Bonnie said...

I love that you live in a basement.
We live with my parents, and we have a tiny nook in the basement that we can call our own.
I feel your pain.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Miriam Lusk said...

Can't wait for spring! Unfortunately, it isn't here yet... at least not where I live.

Mandy said...

I've been meaning to snap a few shots of our garden...which is already growing out of hand! Maybe this will light a fire under my ass so I will post some soon (although today is extra dreary here!)

Thanks for the springtime love!

Maria said...

I love flowers so much. I'd love to get some for my dorm, but knowing me, I'd completely forget about them and forget to admire their beauty.

Ashley said...

YAY Spring! Pretty pics...they'll last longer than the flowers anyway. :)

Mandi @ make it dear said...

lovely photos!

beau&lindee said...

love your blog & love the pictures you take!
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