Monday, April 25, 2011

Good for what ails ya!

Tomorrow night I will distribute my class their final exam and the semester will be over. Only, it's not over for me. I have a huge stack of final papers to grade. And then exams. And then comes the calculating of grades and entering them into an Excel spreadsheet. Lastly, I'll submit grades. And then the semester will be over for me.

{photo by Lissa}

(This picture doesn't have anything to do with any of that but it makes me happy. So I'm posting it.
So there.)

Tomorrow night also marks the end of my second year of teaching. I've taught college for two years. Whhhhaaaaa??? That's weird.

In honor of my 2-year teaching-iversary, I thought I'd share a few of...

Sam's Stress Management Class Greatest Hits!

Sitting on top of desks, eating bowls of ice cream, and chatting about what stressed us out that day.
Watching Friends while munching on homemade Oreos.
Blowing bubbles together.
The whole class singing along with Grease's "You're the One that I Want."
A student bringing in her puppy for everyone to play with.
My music therapist friend leading a drum circle.
 The acupuncturist guest speaker putting needles in student's ears.
Lots of laying on the floor in the dark for guided meditation exercises.
At the end of a student group presentation, everyone being given a whoopee cushion. 

Coloring and doing puzzles. 
Watching funny Youtube clips. 
Eating popsicles and swedish fish outside.
Playing Head's Up Seven-Up.
Listening to Michael Jackson.

....Oh yeah, and learning too. 

Yup, all those things happened. Pretty awesome class I get to teach, huh?

The majority of those Greatest Hits moments are from student's "stress soothers." Basically, throughout the course of the semester, each student gets a chance to take about 5-10 minutes and lead the class in doing something that helps with their stress. Good times.

But seriously, I actually teach stuff too.


Abby said...

your class sounds really fun!! I want to take it :)

erin said...

oh you sound like an awesome teacher :) & the picture of you 2 is soo darling! so happy!

sarah nicole said...

Sign me up NOW! Funnest teacher ever.



kylee said...

teach my class please. seriously sounds so great!

Anonymous said...

hold on.. you watched friends, ate homemade oreas, played with a puppy, and played "heads up 7up" in college?!!?!?

Where were you during my college years?! I couldve used more coloring, and Grease sing-a-longs. I officially want your job. And you've been awarded 50more cool points, 'cause your such a fun professor.

Mandy said...

I miss the days of playing heads up 7 up...memories! Wishing I had you as a teacher as well! Happy 2 year teaching-iversary!

Maria said...

This is so awesome! I would totally take your class if it were offered at my University. I've been toying with the idea of teaching college for the last two semesters and reading your blog makes me want to teach college even more!

Jenna said...

I'm pretty much going to bookmark this post and refer to it when I need ideas for relieving stress. Excellent!

P.S. I took a class at BYU called "Flexibility" wherein we stretched and then took a mandatory 15 minute nap. EVERY DAY. Best class EVER.

Jesseca said...

Ahahaha that is AWESOME! I want to take your class. Please.

according to sabrina said...

You have THEE CUTEST blog everrr!! I'm looking forward to following you :-)

Danielle said...

I don't know how I happened on your blog, but I just wanted to say I love it.

Karen said...

Such a great blog!!! Sounds like you are at such an exciting time in your life - so many fun things happening!! What clasess do you teach at college???


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Zoning out to Friends ALWAYS helps, I agree. Friends got me through my final year of college. :)

Carla said...

I think I need to try some of these to de-stress myself :) Enjoying your blog Sam!
Your newest follower,

Carla xx.

wildchild said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) i like yours too. you're a funny funny girl. i'll be back (said like arnold pre-love-children).