Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Rosie.

Everyone, Rosie. Rosie, everyone. 

Rosie is one of my little sisters. She is serving a mission for our church in Mesa, Arizona. She is one of the biggest examples of just flat out being crazy happy. Oh yeah. And she used to be a runway model. (I know it's hard but try not to hate her, mmkay?)

I thought about Rosie a few times yesterday because I think she would've been proud of how gloriously happy I felt all day. 

First, I had a wonderfully content time at home in the morning and afternoon. I graded final papers, blogged, and day dreamed about our Oregon trip. Then, driving to work in the evening, I turned up High School Musical's "You are the Music in Me" kinda loud and hit the repeat button. It was sunny outside. And for realz, something about that song makes me crazy happy. I have no shame. 

At work, I led a multi-family adolescent group and was reminded how amazing my job can be. I love being an art therapist. And even though it doesn't always feel like the greatest thing in the world, last night it sure did. Made me feel like all those monies we give away each month to my grad school loans is totally worth it.

Being very, very happy might be easier than we think. Like it's so easy for us to get in our own way and make up sad little stories that we tell ourselves again and again. Then the stories become our reality because that's what we've decided for ourselves. 


Maybe feeling crazy happy is as simple as pushing the repeat button on that awesome High School Musical Song.

Ok Rosie, so I've got the happy part checked off the list. Now you can teach me how to be a model. 
I'll start practicing my sexy walk in heels. It needs some work.   


Jenna said...

Ah, I actually live in the Tempe mission (even though I live in Mesa), but your sister is close! I hope she is having a great time here. The weather sure has been especially good lately!

Abby said...

I need lessons on being happy... It can be so easy to get caught up in the negative and the stresses of life. Thank you for your great example :)

Maria said...

Being happy can be hard sometimes, but it's the little moments that mean more than anything in the world

Hilary Grace said...

What a beautiful post. Art therapy, so cool!! & I totally do the same thing with playing songs on repeat. My husband haaates it, saying that I kill a good song and make him never want to listen to it again haha. (I'm talking repeeeeat, for like hoooours.) But yeah, I love this post. Sometimes being happy is that simple.

Have a great weekend!!

Annie said...

RE: Jenna
I live in the Mesa mission, even though I live in Phoenix. :)

Also Art Therapy sounds great right about now...

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Sooooo...I don't know exactly why I want to comment on this particular post except to say that I live in Gilbert, I'm LDS, and also a returned missionary and you and your hunny are the absolute cutest things since babies and puppies! That was a LOT, right??? (c: If you ever want someone to do a favor for your sista, I would be absolutely more than happy...sister missionaries are the I'm a little biased. And (yes, there's more) I'm so glad you dropped by my little blog so I could find yours! I love the things you talk about and the way you're keepin' it real, it's so wonderfully refreshing! Okay, rant complete. (c: