Thursday, May 26, 2011

I can hear the bells





Oh hi. Just fake slow dancing for a pic. You know the drill.
(Bonus points for my chin.)

Tonight we went to a fancy wedding reception dinner up the canyon. Does anyone else simply la la la love weddings? I love all the tiny finger foods. Somehow eating 17 little snackies feels much more acceptable than puttin' away a big meal. "Oh, I'm definitely passing on that steak...but why don't you go ahead and give me....8...or so more of those yummy cracker things. And throw in some of those sticks with huge chunks of mozzarella drenched in balsamic while you're at it. Cupcakes, you say? Mos def. Thanks.  

Going to weddings also always makes me want another reception for myself. I want to wear the dress again and have everyone want to see and hug me...again!

Btw, best part about getting divorced and remarrying is getting a second wedding reception. 
Hands down.


Gentri said...

Mines not showing up either, it also wasn't showing up on the blog I do for the dance studio I teach at. Sheesh.

I am the same way! I feel way less guilty when I eat snacks rather than just eating a meal. And a wedding up the canyon??? Where? I love going up the canyon. :)

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Hm, I guess GFC is acting weird. Nevermind, it will be back to normal soon. #fingerscrossed

Awww, that cupcake. Looks so delish. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm going to attend two more wedding this year and I can't wait for the food... Hehe.
Also, it's funny that you see it like this. My two friends who married in the last month said it was really awkward for them to being the center of attention. Hehe.
Here's to a good weekend. XO:

Maria said...

Awhh so cute. And the cupcake, looks divine! I love wedding receptions, so much fun!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love weddings :) cute photo!

he calls me wifey said...

i used to hate weddings... until i got married. and now i LOVE them! i just can't get enough.

~Andrea @

LiveLoveDressup said...

The cupcakes look yummy! and I love the dancing photograph!

anna said...

i can't wait for my own wedding! (when that will be, i have no idea...)
that cupcake looks delicious. and i love the title of this post becuase that has got to be one of my most favorite hairspray songs!!
love. love. love.
dear prudence