Sunday, July 24, 2011

Young People Style: look, mom! I thrifted!

blouse: thrifted; belt: thrifted; denim high-waisted skirt: TJ Maxx ($3!); heels: random mall store; locket & bangle: grandma's 

shirt: england; pants: banana republic; tie & shoes; venice, italy; belt: no clue; cufflinks: grandpa's

So what do we think of this new Young People Style layout? 
I promise we didn't purposely do the exact same poses. (Who are we??)

And since we're dorky and doing couple's outfit posts, I thought I might as well add where everything we're wearing is from. Go big or go home, right? 

But hey, if I hadn't taken the time to write it all out, I would never have noticed that we both wore accessories from our grandparents and that apparently Chas had quite the international ensemble today.
So that's pretty fun. 

But the biggest news is that I had a successful thrifting experience! 
Heather took me and Katie to Thrift Town on Saturday and showed us (me) the ropes. 
As I was wondering around aimlessly, I saw this blouse hanging in the front of one of the aisles. I didn't even have to dig. It was just waiting patiently for me. It was meant to be. 

I love this blouse for two reasons: 
1. it reminds me of a vintage gas station attendant. 
2. it reminds me of Ellen

And, lastly, can we just get a round of applause for the man who agrees to do these pictures with me?!
I love him. 


Kristin said...

Super adorableness! Isn't thrifting fun??? Beware: it's addicting!

Cindy said...

Woot for thriftiness, Sam! :) You and Chas soo didn't plan this, mhmm ;P hahaha jk! :)

LaynahRose said...

He does deserve a round of applause, I'm impressed :)

And I'm a new thrifter too! My dress in my outfit post today is my very first thrift store item.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

get outta town. you guys look adorable. we'll have to go together some time. all of us.

Kell said...

I love your shirt. It's so cute!

Gentri said...

I LOVE that you do couple's outfit posts! LOVE it! :D

Caitlin said...

Sooo adorable, as usual! You two are too cute.

Jessica Holly said...

I LOVE your shirt!

Jessi said...

I love hearing about thrifting success. It makes me smile real big. Great find!

And what a man! My husband just gives me an "are you crazy??" look and walks away :)

Lindsey Johnson said...

Hey...that shirt looks familiar. :)

I love your YPIL style, Sam.

Lindsey Johnson said...

(I meant the shirt Chas is wearing.)

Jenna said...


FAB said...

Oh how cute is this blog!!!!!!!! So glad you stopped by!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

love that both you and your hubby do fashion husband looks soooo good in the morning i wish he would let me take pictures!

Sydney said...

Thrifting is just great!

Dani said...

Success!!! I love thrifting and your outfit turned out so cute!