Monday, July 25, 2011

be cool, be a sponsor!

Would you love to get more attention for your shop or blog? 
Young People in Love would LOVE to help you! 

We've got some sponsorship space opening up and it's got your name allll over it! 
Here's some info on stats and rates: 


+ YPIL has a loyal readership averaging over 600 page views a day with over 18,000 page views every month and growing!
+YPIL is consistently featured at least one a month on high traffic blogs, bringing in as much as 2,000 visits in one day!
+ over 4,000 absolute unique visitors a month!
+ Nearly 1,000 followers through google, bloglovin’, and twitter (numbers grow daily!)


+ Large ad: $20
Ad featured at top of right sidebar for maximum exposure
Includes individual feature post and giveaway post option for additional exposure

+Medium ad: $15
Ad featured below large ads
Includes group feature post and giveaway option

+Small ad: $8
Ad featured below medium ads

Payment available through Paypal.
Sponsorship can start any day of the month!

Here's a testimonial from one of our current sponsors, Elle Keeps Moving:

"Young People in Love is EASILY one of the best sponsorship opportunities available in the blogosphere. Within the FIRST day of sponsoring, I got almost a 100 followers from this blog! Not only that, the readers I've gotten from YPIL haven't just been "one click wonders", they are coming back daily and they span across many different demographics. My readership has continued to grow exponentially and it's all because of YPIL! There's no doubt that YPIL could play a major role in making your blog or website a success!"       

Email to reserve your spot!


Bon Bon said...

Whoop Whoop! That's my girl:-) xoxo

Kristie Was Here said...

i so want to be a cool kid. pls? just sent you an email ;)

Alisha said...

Way to go pretty girl!! :)

wildchild said...

i don't have a twitter, so i can't reply to your tweet [or whatever you do with those fancy things], but i wanted to say amen to your losing followers tweet. i've only lost one (cause i only had a baby number to start with..ha) and it's so sad :(

Alivia said...

Just sent you an email! :)

Janette said...

I would love to do this too. do you pay the ad amount once or is it monthly?

Kaitlyn said...

Is this monthly or yearly! I'm very interested! :D

Young People in Love said...

@Kaitlyn: It's monthly! Let me know..I'd LOVE to have you and your darling self be a sponsor!

LeAhnna said...

Soo I would love to be a sponsor! I just need to make a button first... :/ haha

Alexis Kaye said...

do you choose the add size or do we have to design the buttons to be that size? I love your blog! following now :)

Young People in Love said...

@alexiskaye: I have those three sizes available as shown in this post. I can definitely help you make a button if you need one :)

Pamela Stein said...

I want to be a sponsor!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D (my baby blog could really use it! ... BTW, I love your blog, and I love the fact that you guys love scrabble, because Andrew and I love it too... and that's what a Friday night looks like in our home as well!!!! =D



jennifer a said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! this is my first time to your blog, and I'm already loving it! You and your hubs are so cutd! I love your fashion style already! I actually do have some sponsor questions...I've never had anyone sponsor my itty bitty blog before, the thought kinda makes me nervous, to be honest, especially since I just blog whatever I feel rhyme or reason whatsoever! With basically a family you think having a sponsor is worth it?

Thanks again for dropping by!

Tracy said...
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