Friday, September 23, 2011

introduce yourself!

We've picked up some new young love friends recently and we're so glad you all are here! 

We both are consistently surprised and touched by your comments and the fact that you are interested enough to follow this little blog. It's not unusual for me to yell for Chas to come read a particularly thoughtful/funny comment. Honestly, even knowing that you're taking the time out of your busy life to write something after a sometimes silly little post is amazing to me. 

Please know that I don't take any of your comments or any of our followers for granted. Every bit of it means so much and has become such a fulfilling and satisfying experience for me. 

And that's thanks to you. 

I wish I could know more about you!
You, who I really only know through this magical place called the interweb. 

So I thought we could play a little get-to-know-you game because we all know how much everyone loooooooves those games.

First, I'll tell you a little about me: 

I'm Sam. 
I'm an art therapist, an artist, college professor, blogger, and writer. 
But mostly, I'm a partner in love, silliness, and cheeseburger consuming with Chas. 
I am sensitive and I like it that way. 
I love my family and wish I had a better relationship with one of my sisters. 
I could eat homemade rolls and jam for the rest of my life and not be mad about it. 

Then Chas will tell you about him: 

My name is Chas (short for Charles).
I'm a filmmaker. 
I have eight siblings.
As a kid, I pretended I was colorblind so I could be like my colorblind brothers. 
I like sports- both real and fantasy. 
After a long day at work, I'll ride Scoots home while listening to TMBG and singing along loudly.

And now it's your turn to tell us about YOU!



nicole said...

Hi Sam & Chas!

I'm Nicole.
I'm a full-time working girl, puppy-mom and wife.
Part-time photographer and blogger.
I have an addiction to coffee, reading, cozy moments and rainy mornings.
If I was stuck on a desert island pizza and oreos had better be stuck with me.

Anonymous said...


I'm Heather.
I'm a graduate student in Pittsburgh studying Computer Science.
..Thus, I'm kind of a nerd :)
I have a ridiculously random taste in music.
I love coffee and the color lime green.
I'm so, so happy that it's finally fall!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and Chas!

I just started following your blog and I love it!! But not in a creepy, stalker way...I promise.

I am a wife, child life specialist, runner and lover of cats. Even though my husband hates them.
I'm addicted to ice cream and buying new books. If I could read books while eating ice cream all day, I would be in heaven. I also love babies (or as I call them "noodles") and going on adventures in south florida with my hubs.
And now I feel like we've totally met so my obsession with your blog is now completely normal.

Alyssa said...

Hi Sam & Chas!
You two are just too cute!

I'm Alyssa.
I'm a senior at Millersville Univ. in Amish Country of PA!
I am an 80 year old woman in the body of a 21 year old student-I love to knit, read, drink coffee and tea & nap.
I think I want to teach after I graduate. But honestly, I'd love for a surprise opportunity.
I like to blog but I love to read blogs.

Maria said...

I am Maria living in a very small island called Malta (its in the middle of the Mediterranean).
I am currently studying law, its my final year (wohoo!) and am supposed to be thesising right now but i'm so not getting down to it!!
I am a sensitive person myself even though i do try and act otherwise. I'm a coffee addict, I drink like 4 cappucinos a day (my bf being a nurse is constantly reminding me of repurcussions of every sip of coffee i take). Love your blog, keep the posts coming :)

SaffaKate said...

I have been a follower of yours for a long while now, but I'm going to introduce myself anyways.

My name is Kate. I am a born and bred South African who now lives in New York.
I have been travelling the world for the last 7 years.
My husband and I met last Summer, were engaged by Fall, married in Winter, became pet parents in Spring and this Summer we found out we were expecting baby #1. (We live a fast paced life)
I blog here:

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

Hi, I am Annton, an artist based in an old shop in the middle of Berlin. I am wife to a crazy , incredibly talented chef. We live together with our dog Emma. Everything around here is about food, art and the color of green, which I love. I am proud to have solved the couch problem lately; three on one is possible. Once again, thanks for demonstration.

Eliza said...

Hello to you both!

My name is Eliza, I'm in the process of getting my Masters degree in Educational Psychology, and I would like to be a college professor when I grow up. In 29 short days I will be a Mrs.! I have 7 siblings, 7 nieces and nephews, and today is my favorite day of the year.

Happy First Day of Fall!

Lauren and Tom said...

Hi I'm Lauren!
I'm a wife, doggie mom and full time working girl.
I run to deal with the happy, sad and hard times in life. Running is my life line.
True friends, family and nature are extremely important to me.
I'll tell you exactly what I'm thinking (of course trying not to hurt feelings!)
I've just recently gotten into this world of blogs and love connecting with new people.
Great to meet you all!

Allison said...

My name is Allison.
I am confused about what I'm doing with my life ('job'-wise).
I live in Canada but am originally from California.
I write about mental health, feminism, travel, & the going-ons in my kitchen.

Beka said...

My name is Rebekah/Beka/Bex.
I am a full time student and a full time lover of life.
I love running, frozen yogurt, warm places, and disneyland.
i aspire to be a physician's assistant and to be an stellar blogger.

Ryan Adair said...

Hi Sam and Chaz..
First things first, your blog is too sweet.. I really enjoy it.

I'm Ryan
I live in Florida. I paint and write. I take pictures and I help my love with short films. I am recently engaged to my long time best friend and I just moved to a new {very small} town.. Oh, and I really love to cook.

Nice to meet ya.

Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

Allyson said...

I'm Allyson.
A college student (public relations and journalism) and a nanny of some pretty awesome kiddos.
I love traveling and am currently planning a trip (in the far future) for italy and greece with my sister and bestie.
I love reading about all of your silliness together!

Good to meet you!


meme-and-he said...

well hello sam and chas!

I am emily (husband is david).
I work with old people and david works with young people.
we love pennsylvania, our dog, cinnamon rolls, hiking, sleeping in cold rooms, and lots of ice cream.
and sometimes we feel like you two are taking all the adorableness in the world.

aimee marie said...

i'm aimee. i am a counseling psychology/women's studies grad student. i also work for the international quidditch association and therefore am one of the biggest harry potter fans ever. :) i love reading your blog especially because i can semi relate to your art therapy posts and it helps me get through grad school. i live in dallas tx, and couldn't be happier that it's the first day of fall!!!

Rae Veda said...

I'm Rae Veda.
I pen the blog An Eclectic Heap and will be sponsoring next month. So excited!
I am a college student and virtual botique owner.
I want to be married and have a family more than anything.
I have rencntly become addicted to quinoa.
xo, rv

wildchild said...

hey guys :)

i'm jackie, a lover, dreamer, hopeless romantic, and college student.
i want to be a Resident Director after school and then own an ice cream shop i think.
i need to eat chocolate in some form every day or i go crazy.
i'm hopelessly in love and wouldn't trade my boyfriend for anything :)

nice to get to know y'all better :)

Mandy said...

Hi there!

I'm Mandy, I work for an Agriculture company even though I know nothing about agriculture (love it though!)
I work part-time at a coffee shop
Getting married in March after 7 years of dating
Soon to be step-mom and love her like she is my own
Huge dreamer, wanna be mother and consider my self a domestic goddess even though I can't cook

Have a great day!

Samantha said...

Hi S&C!

I'm {also} Sam.

I am the author of petitefemmejolie{dot}blogspot{dot}com

I live in Wisconsin {although I am not sure why...I despise these winters!}

I absolutely love crafts, baking, and anything that feeds my soul.

I am a nursing student as well as work full-time.

I looooove the Green Bay Packers.

Nice to meet you both! :)

Simplistic Beauty said...


My name is Janelle...I am a wife and momma to one little boy. I love all things vintage. I am also green-tea drinking, Jesus-loving, nail polish hoarding, crazy-obssessed thrifter and fashion-lover I recently decided that I want to learn how to bake and sew!

so nice to learn more about you!

Steph said...

Hi! First off let me just say that I love your blog :)
I'm Stephanie, I'm a sister, daugter, aunty and friend. I LOVE art and music (although I'm not good at either, I just appreciate others), I'm a paralegal/legal secretary for the legal defenders in SLC. I love, love, love road trips :)

ET said...


I'm a relatively new follower!
My name is Erin, I'm 25, and I'm originally from Philly but now I live in Central Massachusetts and am getting into this New England thing.

I taught myself html when I was 12 and blogged through the start of college, but then I just fell out of it. I'm just recently getting back into it and finding the game has changed a lot!

I'm a photographer but I work in conservation with old books and photographs instead of with live subjects and landscapes.

I love vintage, music, animals, and all things cute. I'm working on buying less and buying used when I do. My blog is about having fun and making outfits without spending much money.

just enough foolishness said...

I'm Kimberly.
I'm a full-time theatre director and actor.
I'm a full-time grad student too.
I'm trying figure out how to make more time for all the things that battle to take my FULL time.
I love my husband. He loves me too. And we love laughing together more than almost anything.
We daydream about having a farm of miniature animals (bantu goats, teacup pigs, miniature horses...) and moving abroad.
Hi Sam and Chas! You're so-so lovely to be blog-friends with. :)

Rachel said...


I'm new to your blog (and fairly new to the bloggy world) and I love it,thank you fro being true and honest..and always making me laugh!

My name is Rachel and as of June 18th became wife to one of the greatest men alive.As far as work that is one big blur to me,I have no idea what I want to do.But I'm leaning towards photography more and more everyday!I love all things vintage!Coffee,books,old music and photography make me happy!

Jo said...

Hi :)
I'm Jo.
I'm a full time graduate film student in SLC.
I'm from the East Coast and I miss it.
I want to make films that help me make sense of the world.
And I really like to bake.
And see live music.
And a million other things.

Caitlin O. said...

hello, there!

I'm Caitlin.
I'm a singer, dancer, actor, cook(er) and cat lover.
Between 2008 and 2010 I moved from Florida to Massachusetts to Washington State. (
Now I live in Seattle, where it really does rain most of the time. But I'm okay with it, because when I can watch the sun set over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from my apartment, it kind makes it worth it =)
I live with my boyfriend and small, ferocious kitten named Mikaela.
I write about it, here:

Catherine said...

I just started following you yesterday! y'all are so cute!

I'm Catherine.
I love languages, embroidering, baking, music, and traveling, but at the end of the day I just want to be home with my sweet husband drinking a nice warm mug of hot cocoa.
And I'm growing a "little cryings"!(I love that you call it that :D)
Thanks for being an awesome blogger!

Unknown said...

Hey guys! I'm a new follower but I'm already completely in love with your blog and think we should be friends forever :)

I'm Lexie, currently a full time student (nursing, planning to become a midwife) and employed full time by an environmental company. Yes, I save the environment and what not.
I'm also, much more importantly, future wife of E and momma to one adorable teddy bear hamster named Capucine (she's French... or something).
I am really, truly, an East Coast girl, born and raised in New England.
I am the oldest of three girls, currently stuck living on the opposite side of the country from my family and it is HARD.
I love to cook, bake, clean, primp, and generally pretend that I'm a character on Mad Men (which by the way, I was into the 50's/60's long before it became the cool thing to do and yes I hold a grudge against anyone who says "Oh, you like vintage? You must watch Mad Men!").
I don't blog. But I read tons of blogs and borrow creative ideas and giggle and wish that I could be equally awesome.
Aaand on Friday nights after work I like to eat all my stress in ice cream and then dance it out in my dancing shorts to the great dismay of my neighbors who clearly just don't own any good dancing shorts :)

Oh and one last thing? I babble. And ramble. A lot.

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

I'm Heather.
Big Dreamer, Wife to Alex, Mom to Cohen (both redheads, might I add!) I think eyebrows are the most important feature on the face. I love earl grey tea, fruit and nut chocolate bars and jumping into a cold lake after a long (or short) jog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam & Chas!
I'm 27 but most people think I'm 18 or 20. I'm southern and "cradle-Catholic." I am sensitive when people talk about my friends or family in a way that isn't kind. My two best friends in the world are my husband and my sister. My parents adopted my little brother -- I wish our relationship was better, but mostly it's awkward. I love photography. I'm slightly addicted to tea and coffee. My favorite color is blue. I wish I could travel for a living.

struck said...

Hi guys!
I'm Ingrid. I'm just a student in 11th grade, not even 16 yet :) Most of the time I'm a big sis and friend. The things I love most is languages, observing life and charity work. I think I want study medicine. Of course I love clothes, personal style and vintage (and I don't watch Mad Men .. haha). And I listen to rock music!
Plus I live in Europe, just so you know, you have readers here, too. :)

Kesley Elizabeth said...


I'm Kesley :)

I'm a redhead, full-time receptionist and college student. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I'm a puppy mama to my sweet basset hound Athena. I love animals, its a huge part of who I am. I'm very into activism and sparking change in our world for the better but I would like a career in something not as serious (it makes me sad thinking about all that is wrong or needs change in the world). My little sister is my very best friend in the whole wide world. And I'm in love with the most wonderful man a girl could ask for :) Life is a beautiful thing.

simplyvonne said...

just became your new follower and you guys are so cute and sweet!!!

I blog over at simplyvonne and pretty much random things about graphic design and photography..oo and tons of photos of my daugther too! :)

laurenjeanallece said...

Hello Sam & Chas! (I loved both of your intros!)

I'm Lauren.
I'm a writer, would-be photographer & work at a winery.
I LOVE to cook (especially for my friends, they are my world).
I'm from CA but live in Portland, OR (where I found my heart home).
I believe that love can conquer everything (God & John Lennon totally nailed that one!)
I'm basically an indoor kid with an outdoor voice (but I love to play outside, rain or shine!)

Lauren said...

It's lovely that you're taking an interest in us- I feel honoured! I'm Lauren, a Canadian girl who found the man of her dreams in England, settled there, married him, and am now in the happily ever after stage. We met on a midnight train from London, so it does feel rather storybook. I love and laugh about most things related to popular culture. Some books that I really, really love include: 'The Great Gatsby,' 'Catcher in the Rye,' Diane Ackerman's 'A Natural History of the Senses' and Russell Brand's autobiographies (called 'My Booky Wook' and 'My Booky Wook Two'). I have a blog with 6 subscribers. I would really love to have some more. If you're reading this, take pity on me and check it out.

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Sam and Chas,

I love reading your blog and your art is so inspiring to me.

Let's see...

I'm Elizabeth.

I'm a PhD student in a theatre department. I teach at a university. I also thrift quite a bit and I have a taste for bad 70's vinyl. If I took vitamins as regularly as I blogged, I would probably be a lot healthier.
My husband Kyle also blogs over at Love is the Adventure, mostly at my behest but he's great, anyway.

We're from Colorado but we moved to Ohio so I could go to graduate school. We miss the sunshine and the mountains but we're falling a little in love with Columbus all the same.

Alison said...

I just recently started following your blog, and I think it's just fantastic:)

I'm Alison.
I have a degree in interior design, and work as a project manager for a company that does lighting for Broadway shows.
I have an awesome husband, and a bulldog who sometimes chews holes in my walls.
I'm have an unhealthy attachment to coffee, doughnuts, and indie music duos.
I love fall and winter, and that's a pretty great thing, considering I live in Wisconsin.
I have recently been bitten by the baby bug.

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm Michelle, sometimes Meesh. I’m a born and bred Cache Valley girl. I’m currently taking a year off of school before doing Grad school for Speech-Language Pathology. I'm slightly obsessed with dresses, hair flowers and headbands, pictures, slalom skiing, and anything chocolate. I hate shoes and would prefer to be barefoot everywhere I go. I love spontaneous adventures and can be easily entertained by the smallest things. I’m currently trying to be patient in waiting for my prince charming to come along, or my best friend to finally realize we’d be perfect together.

Nikskie said...

hai, i'm Niken. I'm a college student of Communication-Journalism (and it's my final year), and i'm a film-maker too like Chas (i'm a producer assistant).in Indonesia.couples of months ago i worked in a very popular American reality show as Producer Assistant (ssttt,i can't tell you what it is yet).and some other local/national projects (which makes my research keeps getting postponed and on the 2nd place--not a good example). i'm a big book,film,music and coffee lover, who one day will be traveling all over the world.i like watching the rain from my window and smell the grass and soil scent after it. I used to write daily.but when i started college and working in film/TVC/anything audio-visual-y, it started to fade i write a blog to prevent my writing soul from dying. love your blog...

Ashley Erin Belanger said...

Ollo! I am Ashley Erin, not a new follower by any means but love you two none the less!! <3 I am a photographer by day and a organization freak by night. My friends are the most important people in my life and I don't know who I would be with out them. I pick my nails and crack my knuckles even though i get mad at myself every time I do. The blogging world is my favorite place to be!
Thank you for asking us to say hello :D

always reading,

Alexandria said...

I like this :)

I'm Alex (short for Alexandria).
I'm an associate editor for a handful of websites, and I blog at the saga of a twenty-something.
I love carbs. Nothing will ever change that.
I am very much in love with a sweet boy.
Doggy mama.
And I love baking. A lot.

madison said...

I love it.

I'm Madison, I'm from Portland OR but currently reside in the village of Rexburg, ID. I'm an Elementary Ed major and I love me some crayons or markers. Ronald Weasley would have been my soul mate in another life. Sometimes I run so I can jam out to Backstreet Boys.

P.S. I love your blog. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sam!
My name is Tessa, I'm from Seattle,WA. I was born and raised in Indonesia, studied and worked in China for four years, and has been moving and living in USA for 13 months now.
The reason I moved is because I met my husband when we were studying in China, and he proposed in 09, and we just got married last year, and had 3 weddings already (civil,USA wedding and Indonesia wedding). I have a dog named Muffin.
I am trying to get into nursing school, and currently work full time. I LOVE your blog and I read them everyday!

Erin said...

Why hello there!
I'm Erin.
I love eyeshadow and Toblerone.
I'm learning how to become a massage therapist.
I laugh at my own jokes and practice silly faces in the mirror.
And today I am going to the circus.
I have a blog. You may enjoy this post:

I think you two are absolutely adorable. Happy Friday!

Rachel said...

Hello,young people in love! (:
I'm Rachel Sayumi Luke. Full time BYU student/part time events staff member for sporting events.
Undecided on what I'm studying,still...
I like crafting... music... art... being outside... and being with my sweet boyfriend. He's currently serving in the Philippines.
I'm going to serve an LDS mission as well. Papers can be turned in... in about 303 days! (: Excited.
I love your blog.


Elena said...


I've been reading your blog for about 6 months and I adore it.

My name is Elena, I am 26, and I recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a super useful BA in history. I live in teeny tiny one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend of 2 years and all of our stuff. Right now I am a waitress but I aspire to be a WW2 and Holocaust historian and become a professor.

In my free time I am apart of a medieval anachronistic educationcal non-profit called the Society for Creative Anachronism. I also love to cook, bake, have wine nights with my friends, sew, and craft.

I am a progressive, libreal, democract and I can be kinda loud about it.

I kinda blog, but lack inspiration 99.9% of the time. I also talk a lot, have little to no filter, and I am super silly.

And I am a Hufflepuff.

The end.

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna (not short for anything).

I'm a mom-writer-musician.

I live in Arizona and I like it.

I enjoy unique restaurants, covering popular songs and watching Netflix with my hubby in bed (scandal!).

I make my own bread weekly.

I'm super-scared of bugs.

Kat said...

Hi guys!
My name is Kat. I found and started following your blog after you started following mine. I'm usually a full time worker, up until yesterday when I quit my job. Haha. But! On my way to finding a new one. I live in Logan, Utah. My husband is a film guy too! He runs three little businesses. I love my dog, outside, guitar, loud music, pictures, animals, and late night movies and rainstorms. My corner of the world wide web is very small, but I like it cuz it's my own. :)

Caitlin said...

I've been following you for awhile...but...

I'm Caitlin. I'm 25 and I am a lifelong Mainer. I studied Russian in college and spent 3 months in Moscow. My husband is a combat vet with shrapnel in his arm and the biggest heart in the world. Some people tell me I look like Tina Fey, or more like Liz Lemon. I really like the smell of lilacs and my husband and dog mean the world to me. <33

Vanessa said...

hi! love this idea :)

i'm vanessa.
i'm a lover of Jesus and a mother to two happy, blessed little boys.
i hold the love of a handsome firefighter. i love our beautiful family.
i day-dream of being a history teacher or owning a shop or simply being at home with my boys instead of working as an admin. assistant.
next month we are moving to our ranch to live the country life.
i love meeting & being inspired by others in this blogging world. i'm so glad to meet you!

megan danielle said...

hi i love your blog!!

my name is megan.
i am a student at byui, a soccer player (it is my life), a photographer, a singer, a writer, a lover of a boyfriend currently serving a mission, andddd im really, really weird. its great though.
i trip over/run into everything and destroy most things i touch. but it makes for good stories at least.
one day i hope to be able to cook for my husband and family. im workin on that right now, and oh boy is it an adventure!!

Ashley said...

how fun.

Hello there, I'm Ashley. 21. I am a newlywed, and that husband of mine is my absolute best friend (and he is so cute!). I looove giraffes. Dancing and singing in the car is my idea of a good time. I am studying marketing at the U, and I blog over here: Quark

Clandestine Road said...

I do so love your blog.

I'm Angela, from nowhere because my military father moved all the time. I had the best childhood because of it. Home means family to me and I have no connection with a specific place.

I'm married to my best friend, going on ten years, and we have three amazing girls. I haven't really slept since my early twenties. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have a master's in literature, I could read all day and then read some more, I love cooking and running, I love odd quotes from movies at possibly inappropriate times, I think squirrels are freaky, and I think the kindness and love with which you two write/regard each other is the sweetest thing.

Mishiee said...

Hi Sam and Chas! I'm a new reader, like started last week? And you two are so adorable, I just happy wiggle at your stories.

My name is My, but my nickname (sort of) is Trish, Trishie, or Mishie, haha. Long story there.
I'm currently a physiology student at SF State, hopefully done after this year.
I have no idea what I'm going to do though. Many times I wish I'd just studied english instead because I love english.
(Honestly though, I think the thing I'd want to do most of all is become a mommy.)
I'm in a long distance relationship with my childhood sweetheart for two years now. (
I secretly hope we'll be as cute as you two. <3)

Hannah said...

I'm Hannah.
I'm at BYU-I right now but I'm transferring to BYU Provo next year to do Middle East Studies.
I might be married by then.
I love to cook. Boyfriend loves it when I cook too. We both like to eat.
I lived and travelled internationally for three years. High school? Pshaw.
I love to read. And play Munchkin. But not at the same time...usually.

Saskia said...

I'm Saskia. I was born in the States but moved to the Netherlands with my Dutch parents when I was ten and have been going back and forth ever since.
I too am emotional and I don't mind, even if it does drive my boyfriend up the wall sometimes.
I go to grad school in Germany (I'm doing a PhD project on Mormon history) and cook to destress.
I look forward to the farmer's weekend every week.
And I read young people for the silly posts, especially for the silly posts.

lauren said...

Oh, fun~

I'm Lauren from Let It Be.
Young 20's, college student at the University of Tennessee.
Majoring in Psychology - going back for my Master's.
Love blogging, animals, sports, and special needs children.
Love your blog. Read it daily.
Nice to meet you!
Xo, Lauren

Amanda said...

Hi I'm Amanda. (A brand new follower)

I'm a graduate student married to a Seminary professor.
I love the color purple, but I don't decorate with it, and rarely wear it.

I have a 14 year old black lab that I've had for most of my life. Her name is Promise.

My husband and I just became first time "parents" to 3 boys, ages 10, 11, and 15. My husband used to be their pastor, and since they were in need of a new home, we volunteered. Crazy? Maybe. Totally worth it? Yes.

Young People in Love said...

AHHH!!! I can't tell you how FUN this is to learn a little more about you all!

We have an amazing group here, huh?!

Keep 'em coming! :)


Emmy said...

I'm Emily, a high school student, wannabe-blogger, and book reader, in love with old movies, old books, and old music.
And almost all of your posts have made me smile & laugh :)

Amy Reed said...


I'm Amy. I've got a lot of new things going on in life:
-I'm a new grad from UCSB.
-I'm a new blog follower and blogger (
-I'm newly employed full-time (Client Support Specialist for a software company).
-I'm moving into my new house next week.
-And I'm in a new and fun relationship, probably one of my favorite new things cause new relationships are so exciting.

I love reading your blog! And thought it's about time that I comment.

Mrs. Ali said...

Hey young peeps!

I'm Ali and I blog over at Our Happily Ever After

I work with kindergarten Spanish speaking kids (and no, I don't know any Spanish) and married the man of my dreams in December last year. ;)

I want to be Indiana Jonesette ;) But pretty much I wanna be a mama more.

I'm a carb-lovin healthily chunky girl ;) And I could geek out to Disney, Broadway, or Star Wars at any time

FAB said...

Hi lovely Sam and Chas!
I'm Cheryl,
I also teach at a university, and I'm a behavioral health consultant and behavior specialist consultant (I have three jobs)
I have three kids, my oldest I had at 21, so we kind of grew up together,
I'm hopelessly in love and devoted to my partner James who is a musician and rocks my world
I love all things Queen, am originally from England but have lived in Pennsylvania sine 15
I'm a hopeless romantic and used to play the oboe and dreamt of being in a famous symphony and traveling the work, but am happier now trying to save the world and raising my three kids with the most amazing man by my side
My favorite color is purple, my favorite desert is tiramisu and I love to cook but I can't bake to save my life!

ellen said...

Hi, I'm Ellen.
I live in a converted school in the Boston area. My ceilings are 18 feet high (my unit used to be the auditorium), I have one big window, I made a big red/white quilt that is on my wall and I have a red retro refrigerator. I was born/raised in Van Nuys, CA and I have 3 brothers. I work at MIT. My hobbies are photography, baking, watching movies, reading, sewing, quilting, and hanging out with friends. I love my nieces and nephews. I love making friends. I living in New England.


I'm Stephanie. I'm into food, fashion and home decor. I have a little blog and shop. I'm a hopeless romantic!

Marci said...

I'm Marci.
I'm a sophomore in highschool. I love singing, dancing, acting,blogging,laughing,eating, and smiling.

When I was little I always wanted freckles and red hair because my siblings did...but now I'm okay with it. Really.

I love my family. All 7 siblings, 3 sisters-in-law, 2 nephews, and 42 first cousins.

I've never tasted anything better than my mom's sloppy joes.

How fun! You guys have the cutest blog EVER! It makes me happy on days like today when it's crappy, instead of happy.

Kelley said...

Hello Sam and Chas!
My name is Kelley. I'm 25 and my husband and I have been married for 3 years. I am studying illustration in San Francisco. I want a pet rabbit. Two, actually. Also I love desserts.

Jessica said...

I'm Bailey.

I cook, run, craft, and pin too much on pinterest.
I live in Northern Ca.
I've been following your blog for a few months and love it!
I have my Bachelors degree in MCD Bio.
I want to be a high school bio teacher.
I have two amazing cats that are like my children.
I am recently engaged to my best friend.
I just started a blog, found here Actually, your probably the first person to see it :)

Emma Frances said...

Hi! I'm Emma and I am from a family of eleven children but now am married to my sweet husband Race. :] I have one year of college left and then I would love to have cute little babies! I love The Cosby Show and I love finding cheap clothes and learning to sew!

You two are adorable. :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam & Chas!

I'm Ellyse
I'm studying 2 degrees at once. One in law and one in Jewish civilisation.
I have just returned to my home town from a year abroad studying in Jerusalem.
I live in Melbourne Australia.
I record my adventures at


Candice said...

Hello :)

My name is Candice and I am from New Zealand.
I am a student of art history and communications. I am good at the former, and try my best to be just as good at the latter.
I dream of being the next Giuliana Rancic and have been working my little cheeks off volunteering with our local TV station to achieve this.
I have a very lovely boy. Together, we are too silly. It drives our mums crazy "children! No running in the house!!!". I love my family times infinity - strongest, most amazing mother ever, sweeeeeeet bro and sistahhh, and my angel daddy in Heaven.
I love fashion...but I'm no fashionista. I adore shoes, and die over puppies. I enjoy coming up with various names for said puppies. I could live off ice cream, milkshakes, cookie dough and burgers. Oh....and I talk waaaay too much...
...this just got a little ;P

sisterof5 said...

I'm Sara Maria (also a Sam)
I am a college student with a theater major and I dabble in photography on the side.
I LOVE llamas, Dr. Seuss, and anything yellow (especially sunflowers)
I am the oldest of 7 and love my siblings with all my heart
I am sensitive and I like it that way too
I am a thriftaholic and love refashioning clothes.
I am addicted to music and listen to lots of indie and alternative stuff or play my violin

Shauntelle said...

Hi. :)
My name is Shauntelle.
I grew up on a farm in Idaho, and I'm the youngest of seven.
My husband and I are graduating from BYU this December, and we're trying to figure out what we'll be doing with our lives afterwards. We're hoping for a baby soon.
We like mountain biking up in the canyon and long talks on our lovesac.
We love being married!

P.S. I really enjoy your blog!

Alexis Kaye said...

My name is Alexis. I've been married to my prince for about 4 months. After a traumatic first 21 years of life, I'm so happy to have found some love, stability, and safety. I am a student at ASU, I am majoring in dietetics and I love it so much. I love to watch movies, cuddle with my husband, and make ridiculous wise cracks :)

Rachel said...

I'm Rachel. I enjoy French, French stuff, Fashion, writing, art, and British Accents.
I'm a Senior in high school, and I happen to have an obsession with blogging. It's fine.
Also, I enjoy your blog, alot.

Jilleun said...

I thought I'd should introduce myself after my other comment.
My name is Jilleun.
(weird spelling but sounds like Jillian)
For now I'm waiting to go back to school for something art related. I love being married, to my somewhat nerdy husband. We go to IN-N-Out two to three times a month.
I'm a california girl who loves the heat really anything about 80 is heaven to me!
Think that's about it! Thanks Sam.

Kylie said...

Hello cute Sam & Chas!

I'm Kylie.
I was born in the desert, and moved to the mountains.
I'm a student teacher, a blogger, a wife, and a crafter.
I'm married to the hottest man around. His name is TJ.
Ice cream is my other best friend.

Yep, that's me!

Ashley said...

Hi! I'm Ashley! -waves-

I'm 21 and was born and raised in Idaho. I am still here going to school at BYU-Idaho and studying Marriage and Family Studies. I love every minute of it.
I love reading and watching nerdy sci-fi shows.
I LOVE Harry Potter.
Your blog brings lots of joy to my life. I hope to one day have a man that treats me as great as Chas treats you. Your marriage is so happy and I think that is brilliant! :)
I am mildly obsessed with this little blog here and I plan on keeping it that way. You guys are ridiculously great!

Austrie said...

Yes, yes...i'm AUSTRIE!
I've been a follower for quite some time but I never comment as much as i should. Just know I love your posts :)...and obviously talking about myself since i'm commenting on this post ;)
I love design. I love music & dance!
I'm going on a mission, yahoo! I'm leaving in Nov. to serve in the Canada Toronto mission. I'm scared! but totally thrilled.
I like to drink hot chocolate on rainy days.
I have red hair
I dream of living in NYC while working for a design firm.
I love hardwood floors and bright colored walls.

jessica said...

Hi! I'm Jessica and I think you two are adorable and one of the awesomest couples I know of. I've been lurking on your blog for about a week, loving every minute of it.
I write a lot. I love Doctor Who, I'm Canadian, I love Jesus, and I want to be a novelist. I also like writing things that combine all of the above.
Your blog is officially one of my favourites. I cried and giggled and teared up while I was reading through your archives. Thanks for making the world suck less. :)

Kayla said...


My name is Kayla. I've been around for awhile but I thought I'd introduce myself again.
I am currently a BYU student studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in Music. No, I don't play any instruments (besides plunking on the piano), but I do sing.
I love my (hugemongous) family lots and lots. I've pretty much been in a state of perpetual homesickness ever since I came up here to BYU last June, because I have gone to school every semester/term since then (when people ask me why I haven't taken any time off of school, especially considering how much I miss my family, I'm always at a loss... It's just how it worked out?)
I sometimes ramble... As you can tell.
I like bright colors and picture books and I'm kind of a photography snob because my sister's a professional photographer.
I'm in a pretty cool place in my life now, feeling good about things... and I wish I had more of a creative side.
Your blog makes the world a happier place. :)

Jillian said...

I'm Jill. I'm from Perth, Western Australia and I am two-thirds of my way through a nursing degree. Hurrah! I'm a spring chicken at 18 but apparently I have an old heart (I hope people mean that metaphorically and not that it's a dodgy ole ticker). I have one sister who is five years and 334 days older than me and two parents oddly enough. Apparently I am a stickler for details too.

I am amazed and inspired by your positivity - it's awesome!

Sky said...

I'm Sky.
I'm a behavior specialist in the inner city, which a fancy euphemism for "kindergarten cop."
I'm an artist. My dog thinks she's human.
I love to eat and just learned to wear red lipstick.


L!$@ said...

Hey :D

I'm Lisa. A 20 year old full time student from Australia.
I look after other people's kids and delivery pizza right now.
I love travelling and can't wait to explore more of the world.

Carlie Jean said...

Hi Guys.
I love yalls blog!

My Name is Carlie
I am a photographer
Recently engaged, excited for the wedding in Boston.
I am a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia.
I love to travel, read books and experience new things.
I love cooking, i often stress cook.

Ashley said...

I'm Ashley, newish reader of your blog, and I'm addicted.

I'm a mama of 2 (2 and 10 mo) and wife. Western NYer now living in Boston. Love my fam, sewing, decorating, taking pics, blogging, crafting (even though I loathe that term), running, and fashion.

I eat way too much ice cream and ALWAYS stay up too late. I can't sleep in an unmade bed, and I'm a procrastinator.

LOVE your blog! xo

tara05angelee said...

Hi sam and chas.. :) ♥

I'm Tara Angelee from the Philippines, 23 yrs old.
I'm an undergrad student of nursing
Im currenlty working in a call center, been working here for almost 3 yrs..
I like to cry, I love my family and I'm sooo inlove with God..
I'm single right now I'll be honest it's like an achievement for me, i don't have a bf for 2mos and 5 days now.. I dont knwo probably I'm not over with my ex or I just feel like being alone now..
I like sweets and I like to read and write.. I have my own novels since I was 11yrs old,, all hand written.. :) I like watching movies too..

Thanks for reading this..

like following you.. much much..


Aoife said...

Hello there,

I'm Aoife, 22, and about to graduate a dual degree in Journalism and Arts.
There is gypsy blood in my family, so though I love Australia, I long to travel all over for the next few years.
I live with my boyfriend and he is an inspiration in every way. We laugh so much and he makes me feel more alive than I've felt since I was a little girl.
I love writing, being creative, and living in a spiritual way.

Your blog is wonderful, and I respect your honesty in creating this space. My heart smiles at the love you share and how much you cherish each moment.


Erin said...

I'm Erin and I love Sam & Chas.

I'm a freshman at BYU (I know...).
I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
I adore traveling and music and family.
I love to laugh and cry.
I'm the world's biggest procrastinator.
Sometimes I'm a fake ginger.

I love life.

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...


I'm Stefanie.
I got married young, and have now been married for 11 years.
I have 3 kids (6, 4, and 1 month), and I'm not quite sure if we're done.
I have 7 siblings and 19 (or 20, lol) nieces and nephews.
I love stalking my family and friends with my camera.
I love my family!

Kylie said...

hey sam and chas! my name is kylie and my husband is spencer. you can check out our blog here:

we are both filmmakers and photographers - hence why i'm so interested in your blog and what your husband does! we film for humanitarian organizations right now. if you come by our blog you can learn more about it and see our latest video in a recent post! what fun!

also - traveling triplets is my sister and i's travel blog, and my sis meg told me we are sponsoring you or hosting a giveaway or something along those lines! how fun! let's be blog friends :) hope to hear from you soon


Giedre said...

Hi hi!
I have to say I'm COMPLETELY intimidated by this awesomely huge list of amazing-sounding people who have commented here already. But here we go.. :)

I'm Giedre. My name is one of those crazy weird ones that comes from a country most people don't even know exists. I'm a recent bfa grad who's doing her best to prove that life with an art degree is possible. My best friend is my canon 7D and I never leave home without it. I have a habit of coming up with the craziest plans that somehow always work out and I'm always obsessively working on odd creative projects that has no real purpose other than to make me happy. :)

Tracy and Mark said...

I'm Tracy
I'm a travel-crazy map maker, an avid hiker, and a flour tortilla enthusiast. I'm a southern girl who has been getting wet in the Pacific Northwest but is now packing her rain boats for snow shoes and moving to Denver to work her dream job. I love sarcasm, airports, and going into every toy store I walk past.

Sarah Mae said...

My name is Sarah and I've been addicted to Young People in Love for about a month.
I have a serious blog reading/kinda writing obsession and I swear my husband thinks I spend all my time on the computer (which is sorta, maybe true).
I got my Bachelor's degree in Anthropology (the best degree ever- trust me it just is) and spend nearly all my time thinking of new places/people/things I will see/meet/enjoy!
I'm rarely lost (physically), and am in my element when I'm around kids/anywhere new.
I'm a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and I LOVE making women feel beautiful and worthwhile!
I love my husband and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!
I am glad you decided to keep your blog (sorry, I have a tendency to read newest-> oldest) and I can't wait to hear more about your awesome life!

Much Love,
Sarah Mae!

amanda said...

hi, i'm amanda.

i love love! i'm a wisconsinite at heart, but a dc resident for the time being. i work at a veterinary clinic and love every second of it. i have a kitty named mia and a boyfriend named andrew. we met a few months ago on the internet. i wrote a big sappy post about it if you're interested!

i will definitely be back to read your lovely little blog!

jdavissquared said...

Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm a graphic designer and piggy bank painter extraordinaire. I love coffee, bicycles, my cats, and of course my husband Jon.

I'm pretty new to your blog.

My best friend has been my best friend for 25 years, despite us living 500 miles apart for the last 20.

hmmmm....that's all I can think of right now! Have a wonderful evening!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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