Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sponsor Love {steve and jess}

First of all, let's just talk briefly about how dreamy that photo is. 
Mmmm hmmm...The hills are alive, my friends. 
I wanna take a nap in that photo. 

And there's plenty more great photos were that came from. 
There's also plenty more great hair- both girl and boy versions. 

Where oh where is this magical land of pretty pics and stylish short hair cuts???
Over at Steve and Jess, that's where!


Hannah J. Holmes said...

that is a dreamy photo! wow.

Rae Veda said...

I love that photo! And I used to have short hair. It's so much fun. XO, Rae


Jessica Holly said...

Thanks Sam, you are wonderful!

Faith said...

what a great pic!! love the tones and how it's framed an the tones of it.