Tuesday, February 7, 2012

in which I tell you so much more than you ever wanted to know about my hair

Since high school, I've been playing this game with my hair. 

I grow it out long. 
Love it. 
Start getting bored with it. 
Color it. 
Love it again. 
Start getting bored with it again. 
Think about cutting it but remember how long it took for me to grow it out. 
Get over that. 
Start really hating it. 
Chop it. 
Love it. 
Want long hair again. 
Grow it out. 


My hair is great because it grows pretty quickly. 

I'm also not one of those people who are attached to their hair. 
But I am one of those people who have thin hair and a square face which often limits what I can do and makes long hair easily stringy and gross-y. 

I've done the pixie cut twice. 
Loved it both times but hated growing it out. 

I've done bangs but they make my face look even rounder. 
And my hair won't let me do side swept bangs. It just falls in my face, straight down. 

And then my artistic side just yearns sometimes to be expressed in my hair. 
A wild color. 
An unexpected but killer cut. 

You don't want my problems. ;) 

Better get back to google images of hair cuts. 


Catherine said...

i love you with the pixie cut!! i love ginnifer goodwin's hair in once upon a time and you pull that off so well!! you are so lucky you can pull off all of those hairstyles...and that you aren't attached to your hair. i had a girl accidentally cut off six inches once when i asked for just two inches off and i cried every time i looked in the mirror for two days. oops.

aislin said...

talk about a creative outlet!! and every single look is great! i wish my hair grew quickly :( my love of dying and chopping has caught up to me now that i'm trying to get a nice long mane! good luck!!

emma said...

i have such a love/hate relationship with my hair. it can just be so awful. you look so cute with a pixie cut!! i'm jelly...i could never pull it off.

Songbook said...

Ok the pixie cut on you looks amazing! You're like Tinkerbell's red-headed twin! Go wild with that hair lady! You obviously know what you're doing.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love seeing all your different hairstyles, that's great you experiment with your look! I have literally had my hair the same my entire life...long and blonde (I've never colored it)! Some days I yearn for change, but I the craziest thing I've ever done is get bangs...which I have a love/hate relationship with! :)

Sarah Ann said...

I am EXACTLY like this with my hair, though I've never braved the pixie. Come close, just not quite. And my hair is so straight too--I'm always impressed with your waves--I can't get mine to do that!! But the curse of the straight-only bangs is mine as well.

I think you have a face for pulling off anything though!

A word from past experience? Try not to make any major decisions while, um, pregnant. Because I did that and my choice was not a wise one. HA! I actually read in Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy (the only pregnancy book I actually finished reading) that you shouldn't cut your hair while pregnant? Unfortunately, I read that part AFTER the deed was done. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Mia said...

I LOVE the red/ mid-length one. I also think the long, dark brown is great too!

The Bluths said...

uh story of my LIFE! hair is the pits sometimes.
you look beautiful with all styles :)

Erin said...

I do the same thing. My hair is thick but very fine so it looks stringy a lot. And I like the idea of cropping it and I've always wanted to try a pixie cut, but I never like it short when I finally chop it off. I've only highlighted my hair once and loved it, but I hate growing out the color or the length. Hair is so complicated. Do guys really even know?

Kristina Streeter said...

I think the mid-length brown/red is my favorite!! You look so much like your sister in the pixie cut photo! :) You look fabulous no matter what you do!

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I too, love the pixie-cut. You can rock it.

Bryttan said...

I do the same thing, Sam. I do love your hair so much right now. I just cut mine because I was tired of growing it out, and now I want it long again, it's just the way it goes. I say don't touch it, but it looks like you can pull of anything, so whatever you choose will look good. Can't wait to see what you do!
chocolate chip waffles

Rae Veda said...

I do the same thing! I love all of your different hair periods. xo, rv


Rachael said...

You had a lot of looks! I get bored with my hair a lot, but it's been the same style(pretty much all one length, and never much longer than shoulder length) all my life.
Well, once it was short. Like, really short, to my ears. That was a mistake. I wish it looked good though, because it'll be so much easier to take care of!
But you look great with all your many looks! I wish I could be as brave to try all those looks out!

Annie said...

i know your troubles! I have thin hair and greasy hair! bad combo. I always want change but I am so picky about my hair and my hair grows so slowly!

Mindee and Austin said...

All your hair styles you've had are so fun and cute! You have great hair, short or long, its spunky and fun! I wish I was brave enough to chop my hair off and love it...someday. I've been growing mine out since highschool- little attached. haha.