Thursday, May 3, 2012

babes faves

Some favorites from my Pinterest baby board

Yesterday was my first baby shower, given by my co-workers at the psych hospital. 

I was thinking how interesting it is that each of my baby showers represents a distinct group of very important people in my life. 

There's my co-therapist colleagues. 
My family. 
Chas' family. 
And my neighborhood girl friends. 

Little cryings gets four showers. I know. She's one lucky girl. 

We are already feeling so loved. People are so nice, so generous. Sometimes it's surprising how much people are capable of loving, giving, and serving someone else. 

A simple thank you note in return often seems kinda lame in comparison to what has been given to me and little cryings. 
And it's not just the baby shower parties. 

It's co-workers bringing homemade cupcakes they've made after a full day of work. 
It's family offering their homes, time, and money.
It's my younger sister giving me her car seat and letting me borrow all her maternity clothes. 
It's friends bringing out huge boxes of their baby gear and, without a second thought, letting me either have or borrow practically all of it. 
It's the never-ending enthusiasm and excitement felt from you, dear blog friends, every step of the way.

We are so blessed. 

And I know it's not enough but...
thank you. 


Tracy said...

people really come together for such a blessing, i had 3 showers a month ago and it is just so sweet!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

those little feet peeking thru the crib rails gave me chills. those days were sweet!

Rosemary said...

this is a really sweet post sam. it feel refreshing to hear gratitude from a celeb blogger.

Mugdha said...

Aww, I love reading things like this. It's so refreshing to see the goodness of people and community when we need it. =]

wildchild said...

oh, don't worry :) it's more than enough. i'm so glad that you and chaz and baby girl have been blessed by all of your loved ones :)