Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i (phone) spy

this month has been an exciting one! november was filled with so much good food, a huge snow day, and a brand new baby niece! 

so much to be grateful for. 

instagram @samajama


Alisha said...

Yay for new nieces! Congrats to your family :)
Baby Hero is absolutely precious. She looks so much like Chas, it's unreal.

Hope you're doing well, Sam!

Beth Mayberry said...

she is such a cutie!!

Lauren said...

Herograms are quite possibly the best thing on Instagram.

Congratulations on the new niece! It's so fun to have cousins near the same age!

Anonymous said...

darling pictures! Your little girl is so cute!

Alyssa said...

Hero is truly the cutest baby I've seen. She has been cute the whole time too! Those little fringe boots kill me!

Jenna said...

She's a mini-Chas! It's fantastic!

I love your hair, by the way. I haven't seen a picture of you in a while so I'd forgotten about your darling pixie cut!