Thursday, November 29, 2012

want free ad space???

this past week has been kind of slow. hero and i have been quarantined inside the house because i've been sick with a bad cold (that chas has also been stricken with for over 10 days now). thank goodness hero hasn't gotten the bug! so we've been laying low. in fact, last night was the first time i left the house allllll week.

so with all this time on my hands, i've been thinking a lot about our little film business. you're probably all sick of hearing about it but, like i've said before, it's been such a fun, healthy creative outlet for me during the sometimes long days at home. and we discovered that we love filming weddings and want to do more of that kind of work!

i've been brainstorming some different ways to help promote our film work and came up with a fun idea!

so here it is:

if any of our awesome readers (that means you!)...

1. blog about your fave kelly arts: films video and embed the film in your post 
2. include a link to kelly arts: films
3. and, in your post, encourage people to like our facebook page

then just email me at with the link to your post, and a 200x100 ad for your blog/shop, and i will post your ad on my blog right away and keep it up through the end of december! 

so whattcha say!? wanna help each other out? you promote kelly arts: films, and i'll promote you!
easy peasey :)


annton beate Schmidt said...

a wonderful idea. will think of something ;)

Lauren Gardner said...

Are you still offering ad space? I'd love it if we could help each other out!