Tuesday, December 18, 2012

new film! oliver & dantzel (part I)

on friday, we had the privilege of filming an amazing-upon-amazing wedding. this couple wanted us to do two films for them: a same-day edit of the footage from the temple grounds to show at their reception that night as well as a full wedding highlight film of the entire day.

this is the film from outside the temple. don't you love how relaxed and carefree these two were?! they were too busy photo-bombing each other's pictures to be stressed at all! oh- and bonus points if you can spot the apostle in this film!


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Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

They are TOO CUTE!!! LOVE the video!! They look super happy... exactly the way you should on your wedding day. GREAT video.

brynne frei said...

yayayaaayyyy!! love this happiest couple and loved being able to catch up with you for a minute. you two have got talent.

Maria said...

This is so amazing. Y'all have some serious talent, and the couple looks blissfully happy. Congratulations to them!

Jenna said...

Really great, Sam!