Wednesday, December 19, 2012

new film! oliver & dantzel (part II)

this is the cut of the full day of this wedding- temple + reception.

ok. so i know i already got to plan TWO weddings, BUT...if i got married a third time (not happening), i would have dantzel plan EVERYTHING. this reception was seriously the funnest party ever! there was a photo booth, hot chocolate station, crepe station, and a dance party to end all dance parties- complete with the groom break dancing! it took everything i had to not just throw down the camera and jump into the mix!

and how often do you get to see a photo booth strip of an apostle (elder nelson is dantzel's grandpa) and his wife?! pretty darling.

enjoy the film!

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Ashlie said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Amy said...

Your films warm my heart. They really, really do.

emma said...

love!! i went to high school with dantzel. such a beautiful wedding. you guys are tal-en-ted.