Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fancy eats

the last few days, we've had some huge success in the trying-new-recipe department! it's made every meal and snack a total joy (i may need to get out more).

First, we have the egg, arugula, and prosciutto sandwich. I got the inspiration from this recipe and then just made it simple and, therefore, better. :)


toast a slice of bread. 
pile high with fresh baby arugula. 
next comes two slices of prosciutto (cold).
top with an egg, cooked how you like. 
sprinkle salt and pepper.
drizzle with olive oil. 

ok. this little sandwich is a total game changer. it's so easy to make and i feel like i'm at a fancy restaurant whenever i eat it (every day). plus, it's a delicious way to get a good dose of greens.
try it, you'll be obsessed, too.


we've also made an amazing pasta recipe and discovered some wonderful little snacky treats! stay tuned!


CP and KW said...

oh my god i want to try this! so delicious looking!
kw ladies in Navy

Jessica said...

i just pinned this :) i love hearing new easy recipes! can't wait for more!! :)

Ashley said...

yumm-o. looks delish! I must try :)

Clandestine Road said...

That is lovely. I'm excited to try. Croque Madams and Monsieurs are also really delicious.

Bon Bon said...

drooling! it's 10PM, I just worked out, and that looks soooo good! xoxo

sofia said...

holy moly, I love anything that involves an egg! except arugula is one of the few foods that I cannot stand. I think spinach would be a good substitute. great recipe. I bet it was super delish.