Sunday, January 13, 2013

the blizzard

blizzard in review: 

thursday: it started snowing.

friday: chas got to stay home from work because of the snow and because he's been working insanely long hours for the past 10 days.
we had friends over for thai food and games. (p.s. one of the best things about having a kid is NOT having to give up your baby-less friends!)

still snowing, btw.

saturday: poor chas shoveled the driveway for probably the fourth and fifth time. but don't worry, our car still got stuck once while coming out of the driveway and within seconds a good samaritan had pulled over and helped to dig us out. (don't you just love knowing that there are good, decent people out there!?)

it stops snowing and we both feel a little sad inside about it.

sunday: church gets cancelled because of the over 2ft of snow, poor road conditions, and massive snow drifts. we spend the day sleeping in, snugging, and baking pistachio cupcakes in our jammies.

in the evening, we had dinner with my family and, when i'm finished with this post, i'll probably go eat another cupcake and take a hot bath.


there's nothing quite like a huge utah blizzard. there's something about it that just makes my heart glow with happiness. i stand by our kitchen window and can't stop staring out at the world, everything dipped in white, cold frosting. and i love how everything looks like it has a big russian snow hat! our garbage cans, lamp posts, and fences. everything gets a hat that keeps growing by the minute. and don't even get me started on the icicles lining every roof.

so all that PLUS an extra day with chas and cancelled church!?

yup. we were definitely sad to see the snow stop falling.


Jessica Wray said...

sounds like a dream come true!

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Alison @ Ruffles and Ramblings said...

We had a blizzard like this in Wisconsin a couple of days before Christmas. It was glorious, and I learned that it is JUST as exciting to have a snow day as an adult, as it is when you are a kid in school!

Aimee said...

Sounds like a splendid weekend. Unfortunately in Utah valley we didn't quite get enough snow to cancel church. But still, I cannot BELIEVE how cold it has been.

Ps. Did you homemake your thai food? If so, what dish did you make and whats your recipe?

Lauren said...

We've had all the crazy weather here. It was 79 degrees on Saturday, and today the high is 38. It makes no sense.

So jealous of your snow though! I love it!

Bethany G said...

We just got to SLC almost 2 weeks ago... and goodness, I have never seen a more beautiful snow storm :)

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