Sunday, March 24, 2013

archie ries [birth story] & a new website!

a few days ago, my newest nephew, archie, joined our family. i was so honored to be there to capture his arrival and make this birth story film!

i've said it once, and i'll say it again: women and their bodies ARE AWESOME.

we're thrilled with how this video turned out and are excited to be able to start offering birth story film services for mommas in utah! this is such a great way to remember every little detail of a miraculous event that happens so quickly and then it's all over.

contact us at for more information on birth story films if you're interested!


i'm also proud to announce that after what seemed like 24 hours of hard work, i've got a brand new website for our little film company up and running! i love how it all ended up coming together and the details we were able to include about the different film services we offer.

feel free to take a look around. there's lots to explore!


it's freezing here today so we're getting cozy and eating deviled eggs that i made at midnight last night. easter is the best excuse to eat mashed up egg yolks and mayo...mmmm! :)


Rachael said...

Congratulations on your nephew, and your website!! Those are two great things :) I saw your website and some of your videos, I really like them! I especially like the one family with their dog, and the one that's the non-stop motion one.
If I lived in Utah, I'd totally love to have a video of mine! Great job guys!

LaynahRose said...

SO SO SO SO cool. Girl you are extremely talented, I just love your videos!

Ina-Mari said...

Gosh! What a precious little man! Good work, beautiful!

lauren jean allece said...

I'm just a mess now after watching that! So, so sweet! Congratulations to your whole family!

Craig and Trisha said...

So powerful. I'm expected our first baby in August and I cried throughout this video. So amazing! Great job!

Allison said...

such a beautiful video. totally had me crying! the look on the older brother's face when he saw the baby was so precious! loved every minute.

Anna said...

That video was so beautiful. All of your videos are spectacular. I wish I had something exciting happening in my life so you could film it for me. Great job! And I am obsessed with the name archie. Too cute!

Md Amirul Islam said...

Welcome To U

shanta islam said...

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