Wednesday, March 27, 2013


this little documentary makes my heart sing!


brian kershisnik is one of my favorite artists.

over 7 years ago, i had the amazing opportunity to be in a figure painting class that he taught at byu as a visiting artist. i remember how all of us students would set up our easels in a huge half circle, with the model in the middle. brian would sit off to one side, at the front of the room, and play his guitar and sing his songs for us while we painted. in those moments, i wasn't sure life could get any better. and, to be honest, it's probably still in my top 5 most wonderful moments ever.

chas also loves brian and his work. so does his family. and my parents.

a few weeks ago, we all went to a fun little art show were a few local artists, including brian, were selling their original art for $100 or less. i had to throw a few elbows, but chas and i were able to snag not one, but two, really great original brian kershisnik artworks! they now hang in our living room and make us both very happy. it's a pretty fun thing to own original art by an artist who you truly admire and know personally!


Haley Nimer said...

i love his work too!! i met him randomly on campus a few weeks ago and he couldn't have been nicer. it was so great. i'd love to see which works you got! how amazing.

Haley Nimer said...

also, i might have to post this little documentary on my blog too--it's fantastic. wouldn't you love that huge studio space?? thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous Me said...

I am in love with his work! As soon as I graduate and have money I am going to buy a piece.

Lauren Crews said...

This is the sweetest video! I have always wanted to go into special education, so my heart flies when I see these friendships! So beautiful!