Thursday, March 28, 2013

new film! baby austin [birth story]

just finished up this birth story last night! i'm really, really loving working on these little films. it's amazing to see how every woman's labor and birth experience is totally different yet they are all equally  incredible.

cute ashley was a TROOPER during her labor and how much do you love her reaction when she realizes her baby's been born!? her husband, ryan, was so sweet and calm the whole time. really adored this couple.

hope you enjoy the film!


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Katie said...

I'm still crying! So beautiful :)

Lauren Crews said...

I love all your films, but the birth stories are so beautiful. Gets me crying every time. I hope to have someone near by to try make me one, once we get pregnant. Would you fly to TN!? :)

Jenny said...

Sami!! I am loving these birth story films!! Keep up the good work!

ellen said...


shanta islam said...

Wow! This is indeed a beautiful story. I can't keep my eyes on your post :)
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