Friday, March 1, 2013

book update

hey everyone!

sorry posting has been preeeetty sparse lately. but i have a good excuse :) i've been working tons on my book! after shelving it for almost a whole year (sheesh!), i'm back at it with renewed motivation and a determination to get this thing on the road to publication! the manuscript isn't perfect but i feel like it's finally in a good enough place to start sending out to potential publishers. (yikes!)

so right now i'm working on putting together a cover letter, synopsis, and filling out submission forms. you'd think that getting a completed manuscript finished and ready to go would be the hard part- and it is. but i guess i had fooled myself into thinking i was mostly done. ha! these submissions materials are just about killing me! mostly because, at this point, i'm just so excited to getting this thing out the door and moving forward and feel impatient with having to write more and more about my book when the book itself is finished.

ok. enough griping. i really am so, so grateful and happy to finally be at the place where i'm filling out these forms and writing cover letters. the finish line (at least for now) is in sight!

all this is super exciting but also a little bit scary. sometimes it's hard not to have self-defeating thoughts about all the "what ifs..." like what if no one wants to publish it? what if i decide, instead, to run a kickstarter to help raise money for self-publication and no one wants to donate to the cause? what if it does get published and no one wants to read it? what if it gets published and i realize i'm not satisfied with it?

silly thoughts, i know, but they're there at times.

ok. enough with all the discouraging self-talk. time to start focusing on what's real and positive! i'd better get back to work and try to make some good stuff happen! have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! :) I have been working on my book for quite some time now and it's nowhere near completion. Good for you! :D

Lindsay said...

Good luck! I'm so impressed with your ambition! After I got turned down twice for my children's book manuscript, I quit trying for a while. I need to just be brave and give it another shot. :)

Love, Lindsay

emma said...

you are amazing sam, i am so excited for you! so many big things ahead!!

Bon Bon said...

You wrote a book!!! Only positive thoughts and hoorays for that! Go girl, go! xoxo

Clandestine Road said...

Congratulations! That is quite a feat. Excellent work. I hope the search for a publisher goes well.