Tuesday, April 16, 2013

butternut squash and crispy sage pizza

chas and i are pizza huge fanatics. we could honestly eat pizza for dinner every single night and never get bored. sometimes it kinda feels like a chore when we eat something other than pizza.

thanks to pinterest, we've been trying out some fun new recipes and wanted to share our latest and greatest!

it's hard to put into words how good this pizza is. i will say that chas almost cried while eating it- it's that yummy. (like i said, we love our pizza!)

the original recipe can be found here.

but if you wanna make this super easy (yes, please!), then just substitute the homemade crust for a pre-made, thin crust boboli. we're big boboli believers over here.


brynne frei said...

we're pizza people too and i think have eaten it for 5/7 homemade meals in the last week! i knew we were friends.

shanta islam said...

This stings right through my heart. Your words are so honest and true. The words I've been dying to say to someone who walked all over my heart.

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Emeline Gardner said...

We've made this pizza twice since you posted it and wow. It's super good.