Friday, April 5, 2013

a bummer day, a good friend, and a realization

do you ever have an exceptionally bummer day immediately following an exceptionally happy day?

wednesday was my happy day and, turns out, yesterday was my bummer day.

the great thing about bummer days, however, is that you're reminded how much you appreciate your amazing, wise friends. elle was that friend for me yesterday.

elle is a good, close friend. we actually don't talk (social media excluded) much but, when we do, it almost always feels life-changing.

so after i started blowing up elle's phone yesterday evening with venting texts, she was the mature adult and called me up. she patiently let me vent some more...and then some more. she listened to my embarrassing insecurities and even validated my frustrations. i was so glad to talk to her because i knew that she'd be able to relate better than most anyone else i know. we commiserated and laughed loudly together. and then elle did something which i think is rare nowadays but so, so needed and important:

she brainstormed with me ways in which i could turn off the whining and pining and starting getting to work, making things happen, and forging some good for myself and my life in certain areas.

i think that's a hard thing to do successfully as a friend- to listen, validate, and comfort while also motivating the other to do and be better. yesterday, however, elle did it all with grace and it was exactly what i needed.

during our talk, one of the things she asked me was, "besides your family, what is it you really want to be doing most with your life?"

"my book and our film business," i replied automatically.

i feel blessed to know what my passions are in life and how i can be using my talents. and lately, i've been working really hard to make both my book and our business successful ventures. and it's felt great.

but then i started thinking about this blog. it's been a pretty big mainstay in my life for years and years now and it's been interesting to see how the content of this blog has changed and evolved in tandem with my different life stages, wants, and interests. ever since hero was born, however, i've been a little at a loss, wondering where to take this blog next. but last night, i think i finally figured it out.

there are a bazillion blogs out there and every single one is different. there are beauty blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, blogs with beautiful pictures, blogs with no pictures, blogs with some mediocre pictures. there are blogs you love and blogs you love to hate. all of this is what's great about the blogging world. lots of different choices and you, as the reader, are the one who gets to make the decision of what blogs you want to spend your time on.

what i decided was that while this blog may ebb and flow a bit, above all, i want my blog to be a reflection of what i feel is one of the most important achievements in life: the ability to be genuine, authentic, and even allowing yourself to take the risk and be vulnerable every now and then.

and while for months now i've felt rather uninspired about what or how i should blog, with that realization last night, i was infused with a new love and drive for blogging. and it made me excited to get back to blogging more consistently with the focus on authentic content!


so to you readers:

many of you have been here for a while (and if you're new- welcome!) and have watched, first-hand, how all of this has unfolded. your support means the world to me. truly. and while i rarely reply to comments, i do read and so appreciate every single one. i used to be better at actively replying to comments but i've decided that, with hero in the picture, some things have to take the backseat. replying to comments is one of those worthy sacrifices that i've chosen to make in order to spend more time with my daughter. thanks for understanding :)

and to those of you who have sent me personal emails- you are amazing. i'm much, much better at replying to emails, by the way. so if you're wanting to say something with the intent of getting a written response, please feel free to email any time! i often read to chas your emails and, more than once, we've been blown away by people's willingness to give of themselves in such kind, comforting, and supportive ways. a few weeks ago, in fact, a certain reader's email brought tears to both our eyes.

basically- you readers are wonderful. and i hope i never take your support for granted.


and now, as i go back and read how this post started, it actually surprises me that all this began with a bad day. interesting.

there is plenty of good waiting to unfold from bad days.


Brooke said...

And THIS is why I will forever love and keep coming back to your blog. Because you are real and authentic and beautiful and wonderful and inspiring all at the same time. You go girl :)

Catherine said...

I've always felt like what I love about this blog is your willingness to be real and authentic. Thanks for sharing your life with us readers--I know there's been many times when something real you said resonated with me and helped me realize something real about myself, so thank you!

ellen said...

my favorite blogs are those filled with honesty. keep blogging! :)

RitaMarie said...

I love your blog and appreciate the honesty- whether you are elated or upset, you share it, and I like that.

Katie said...

Plenty of good waiting to unfold from the bad- amen!

Katie said...
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Amy said...

You are my favorite :) The end.

Ansel Leigh said...

I'm not quite in the same situation as yourself (kiddos), but I found myself with a classroom of 140 14-15 year-olds this past little bit. I don't have the time I originally wanted to spend on my blog, which has ended up taking a backseat to teaching. While focusing my attention on all my little angels, I've thought about my blog, mainly what I wanted to communicate through it. Thanks for this wonderful post. It's given me an optimistic outlook for when I get into the full swing of blogging this summer! Thanks!!!

shanta islam said...

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