Thursday, April 4, 2013

in love on the front lawn

last night, as we were getting ready for bed, i said to chas, "ummm...chas? i just feel really, really happy right now."

the day had started out like almost every other day: spent the morning in dirty pajamas as i focused on feeding, changing, dressing, and playing with the hero girl. put her down for a nap. did the dishes, ate a boring PB&J lunch, took a shower, got ready for the day, and wasted some time online. and, like almost every other day, by mid-afternoon i was gonna go crazy if i didn't get out of the house. so i invited a new friend to go on a walk around the neighborhood with us.

we walked and talked for over an hour. it was truly lovely- one of the first really warm spring days here in salt lake. the kind of spring day when you first notice the trees just about ready to blossom and you're wishing it wouldn't get any warmer but just stay exactly this perfect temperature outdoors- perfect for long walks with new friends and making plans to walk to the library next week for children's story time.

then we came home. i fed hero and let her have some quiet play time by herself in her crib.

later, when a friend invited us for a dinner picnic in the park, i was so bummed i had a physical therapy appointment right then. but still, just knowing that it's the season for picnics at the park was enough to give me excited little tummy butterflies!

after physical therapy and a surprisingly yummy chicken taco dinner, chas and i grabbed a blanket and laid out on our front lawn for the last few minutes of evening light when the mountains to the east are that perfect shade of soft pinky glow.

the night ended with scripture study together and an episode of shark tank.

nothing special but, at the same time, at the end of the day yesterday, life felt completely wonderful and dreamy in its own small way. like all of the things that you see other people doing or being involved in-the kinds of things that make you feel instantly sad when you compare your life to theirs- all of that stuff didn't matter. wasn't even on the radar.

all i could see was my own life and the happiness and love and beautifully warm springtime air that abounded.


auds said...

Love your post sammy. That's so how life is. I'm glad you had a happy, sweet day:)

LaynahRose said...

That's awesome. I think when you focus on having a productive day, and doing the things that you need to be doing for you and your family that you become too preoccupied to worry about what somebody else could be doing better than the most perfect kind of way.

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful sentiment! Lately I've had these horrible thoughts of "Is this it? Is this my life?" when I really should be more grateful for the simple, wonderful moments in my life -- like eating gelato with my husband. It makes me so much happier with what I have.

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I love days like that. My day started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but ended up like this one. It's such a great feeling.

abigail mack said...

Love days like that! Your blog is so sweet :)

Japolina said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

RitaMarie said...

Love this post. It put me in a totally different outlook as I go into a lovely weekend. Thanks!

Ginnie said...

Sometimes it's the really sweet, simple days that make us realize how good we have it. Thanks for spelling it out!

shanta islam said...

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