Tuesday, September 3, 2013

exciting news and then some more exciting news!

soooo.... (drumroll, please)....


pretty nuts! i still can't believe it's totally happening but i'm so glad it is. i am READY to be out of our little duplex apartment.

the house is in bountiful, utah. we really hate to leave salt lake city but since chas works up north in farmington, and because we can't really afford much here in slc house-wise, bountiful is definitely the right choice for us. we feel really good about it all.

the house itself has been completely remodeled and so is basically brand new inside. and the neighborhood sounds like a great place to be. every time we've been to the house, we've had multiple people come out of their homes to tell us how much we're going to love the area. and apparently there are like 10 babies on our street which means lots of friends for our hero!

we're going to close sometime this month which is awesome but also a little crazy because chas and i will be in NYC for 8 days later this month and i've got tons of great family session photo shoots lined up! PLUS i got my manuscript back from my editor and i just need to go through it and approve all the changes and make any final edits. just staying on top of all that is keeping us super busy- and that's not even considering packing up everything and moving! sheesh!

we're insane. happy, but insane.

speaking of photo sessions, i've had a few people ask me about doing some little shoots for christmas cards so i decided to open up the first two saturdays in november for some mini sessions!

$100 gets you a 15 min session and 5-7 edited, high resolution image files. we'll be in a beautiful, outdoor location.

spots are limited so book now! email me at samanthakellyphotography@gmail.com


kensiesmith said...

I currently live in Bountiful, but I'll be leaving for the MTC in about 20 hours. I love it here. Here's my list of Bountiful must-do's:

Drive or walk on Bountiful Boulevard from the temple to the cemetery at sunset.

Get frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and make sure to put Boba on top.

Drive up Mueller Park Canyon in a couple of weeks when all of the leaves change color.

Parson's Bakery has the best eclairs.

Plates and Palates on 500 West is my favorite lunch place. They have some really unique pastas and flavors.

Good luck with the move! I hope you love B-town as much as I do!

Krista Blanks said...

Congratulations on buying your house! That's so exciting! I want to buy a house next year and I get so excited just thinking about it! x

Catherine said...

We lived just east of main street in bountiful for a year and a half and LOVED it! I hope you love it too!!!!

tracie jean said...

Eek! I grew up in centerville and just recently moved back! You will LOVE Davis County! Seriously such good people & atmosphere!

Nikhil Dodariya said...

wow nice one. looking great accidentally i found your blog Love to stop here. nice saying and nice pics and nice work keep it up happy blogging. Thanks :)love is everything

Nikhil Dodariya said...

wow nice one. looking great accidentally i found your blog Love to stop here. nice saying and nice pics and nice work keep it up happy blogging. Thanks :)love is everything

emma said...

i am so excited for you! i'm glad you found something you love, trying to buy in SLC is rough. we ended up in riverton, which we like, but hopefully in our richer days we can make it up to slc.

good luck with moving!!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Congratulations. Having a house is amazing and I know you will love it. Plus bountiful is a great area!

Barbara Clinton said...

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