Thursday, January 23, 2014

two heroes of mine

i got hit on monday with a horrible head cold. so, so bad. yesterday, i put hero down for her nap and at the very second i was finally able to fall asleep, she woke up. so then i did what i always do in distress: called my mom and started crying. and, with that, my mom told me she'd be right over. she took hero to stay at her place for the rest of the day and that night. i picked her up this afternoon.

i have no clue what i ever did to deserve the mother i have. she is the absolute best in every way. and it's not just me who thinks so. pretty much anyone who's ever had contact with her will tell you what an amazing woman she is and how lucky i am to call her mine and to learn from her always. i marvel at my friends who i know don't have great relationships with their mothers and who are still able to be wonderful, strong, amazing women and mothers themselves. all i know is that i would for sure be lying dead in gutter (and definitely with way less cute household accessories) if it weren't for the love, help, and guidance of my mom. so if you happen to read this, mom, know that i owe so much to you and am grateful for all that you always give without hesitation.

i also wanted to write a little about hero and having her back home tonight with us.

that girl is crazy. in the absolute best way. she is exploding with the funniest personality and is such an immense light in our lives. tonight, for example, she was pretending like she kept running into the walls (daddy only teaches her the best skills), was super adamant on what jammies she wanted to sleep in, more excited to see her favorite tiny pom pom (or "mom mom" as she calls it) than she was to see us, could not stop jabbering on and on about who-knows-what, did a funky little jig every time she took a bite of dinner, and then finally fell asleep so sweetly on chas' shoulder.

and the thing is, she's seriously like that all the time.

even after a full day at disneyland a few weeks ago. we got back to the hotel room, and hero proceeded to sing and dance and jump around on the bed for a solid 20 minutes. laughing like crazy the whole time. who is this kid!?

i don't think either chas nor i can ever fully comprehend the depth of love we feel for our hero girl. it has been such an honor and joy getting to parent her and watch her grow up. each stage has been different and amazing in its own way. and i hope that i can be better at documenting how she grows and develops. i want her to know what a spunky, lovable, and happy girl she's always been and how crazy adorable it is when she says the word "walrus."


Japolina said...

You're so lucky to have such a nice mom!

zben said...

First of all, I'm so glad to have you back blogging Sam, just you and your words. That is the best blogging. And Second, YES YOUR MOM IS A HERO TO EVERYONE WHO KNOWS HER. I just love that woman. And Third, I neeeeeeeeed to mee that tiny Hero girl. xoxo Love you kids

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