Thursday, February 20, 2014

in the dark

friends and family often ask how my book sales are going. it's been officially published for about two months now but, the strange thing is, i have absolutely no idea how many people have purchased it and read it. truly. all the various distributors (amazon, barnes & noble, ibookstore, etc) only report their sales back to my "publisher" ( every few months. so, until then, i'm almost completely in the dark. 

i do know that at least 10 people have read it because that's how many reviews i have on amazon. so that's something. haha. 

when i do find out the sales, whenever that is, it will be such a fun surprise! at least, that's how i'm trying to look at it so i don't drive myself crazy with anticipation. and honestly, for the most part, i kinda just don't think about it lots. it's out and available and that's all there is to it. feels nice to have a break from it all after that last long, hard push to finish it. 

if you haven't checked out my book, you can purchase it on amazon here (or through most any other ebook distributor). and remember, you don't have to own a fancy kindle, ipad, or anything like that. a free ereader can be downloaded through sony if you have a pc or, if you have a mac, ibookstore is the ereader that's automatically on your computer and iphone. easy peasey. 

if you HAVE read the book, i'd SO love if you took a moment or two and wrote a review on amazon.

that's all for now. 
happy thursday. 

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Danielle said...

I read your book this week. Not sure how I even found your blog. What a beautiful testimony. I'm sharing with friends and family.