Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goldie's blessing day

These photos were actually taken the day after Goldie's blessing. Between having all the family over for dinner and dark, stormy skies on Sunday, I threw the dress back on her Monday morning to get a few shots in better lighting. Of course Hero wanted in on the action. I'll never get tired of seeing her in that giraffe costume. She's such a nut. 

Chas did a beautiful job blessing Goldie and it was really fun to have her wearing my sister's original blessing dress (it's either Hailey or Sarah's). The shoes were a gift from a friend and added the perfect touch of "gold" for my Goldie girl on her special day. 


Emily said...

Love these pics!! Fun that you're blogging again!

That blessing dress is exactly the same as mine!! So fun to see it used!! Now I know where to go if I have twin girls and need a second one! ;)
Let's get the kiddos together again for a playdate!

Clandestine Road said...

Love that you're blogging again. Really. I read about it on IG and rather rejoiced, to be honest. I noticed a trend of your self doubt and it made me so sad. Sam, you have so much to offer, so much story to tell in words and photos, so much light. I hope you can see that and, upon seeing it, really acknowledging it.

Cheesy on Tuesday,
Angie :)

Clandestine Road said...

PS Hero reminded me of something. My second daughter wore a frog costume like that for a year and a half. Every day. When our third daughter wore it for Halloween this year, I was overcome with giggles and tears. Kids' imaginations make me so happy. So so so happy.

Kaycie Eddie said...

Such sweet pictures! Who took your family photos on your about page? They're so cute!