Wednesday, November 5, 2014

yesterday's trains

Yesterday was the first time I took out my real camera with my girls. It felt really great. These photos are nothing spectacular but they capture a few sweet, precious moments during just an average, quiet day at home.

Goldie fresh and clean out of the bath. Hero, with baby in hand, carefully building a million different "trains" everywhere. She's always so proud of every single one of her trains, no matter how small ("a baby train!") or how many times she makes them. Each one is special.

I particularly adored her arrangement of the two trains she made on the kitchen floor from rocks and small nature objects. She enthusiastically told me how pretty that dead little flower was. She also asked me to give her a "hair cut like mommy" after seeing me put my hair in a little bun. Gosh, I love her to pieces.

She's also doing an awesome job learning her letters and knows almost all of them. So proud of her. I think I'll start practicing numbers with her next. The first thing she does with the number "8" magnets is lays them horizontally: "glasses!"

And then there's that Goldie baby. I'll never get over how much I love her eyes. They're perfect. She's gotten to be so smiley lately. Such a sweet heart. And last night she rolled all the way over the first time! Time is going super fast with her. Makes me a little sad but I'm also looking forward to when these two sisters can play together.

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mary plus vince said...

This is so sweet, Sam. I'm excited to see more posts! :)