Friday, November 7, 2014

my hero says

a few of my favorite hero quotes from this past week:

(speaking about her "rock train"): "It's special to me in the whole world."

(after I helped her take a picture of her bee backpack): "Good job, bee backpack! I'll always be your friend."

(when asked if she wanted to watch Frozen): "Olaf so nice. He needs a carrot nose. ...Ok, Olaf!"

(speaking to the big stuffed zebra in Goldie's room): "I'm going to Zane's house. Ok, sweetheart? I love you, honey. Mwwwwahh!"


Obviously this girl has lots of love to give.

A part of me is still a little sad that the total indiscernible jibber-jabber stage is gone but, then again, getting to really hear more clearly what goes on inside that crazy head of hers is pretty fantastic.