Friday, November 21, 2014

it's been a really good day

This kid is something special, I tell ya. Everywhere we go, she's like a one-man show. People just naturally gravitate towards her and automatically love her. And why wouldn't you? I mean, those glasses? Forget about it. Total heart-breaker. My own little cartoon character.

Her personality oozes fun and love and sweetness- particularly at this age, too. While cuddled up and reading books together today, we took a little break for selfies. She giggled almost the whole time and her kissing me on the cheek was 100% her idea. Totally just went for it on her own.

She's the best little helper, too. Super obedient: "Sure, Mom!" I've never seen her throw a huge tantrum and when she is upset, it doesn't last long. She lets me snug her super close in bed in the mornings and we dance together in the kitchen while I'm making dinner. She's pure magic.

This may all sound like I'm an annoying mother bragging about her perfect child. Well, maybe I am.
(Ok, ok, she's obviously not perfect but honestly, she's pretty dang close.)

...In other news- Goldie slept for a 6-hour stretch and then an 8-hour stretch last night AND took a 4-hour nap! She woke up happy, and bright-eyed, and smiley. I felt so proud of her. I just love getting to know and love her more and more everyday as our relationship grows. She is such a light in our family and the best addition I could imagine.

Sometimes I wonder if these girls are my amazing reward for having survived so many really hard experiences early on in life. I'd go through all that crap again ten times over if it meant I could be with Hero and Goldie and Chas forever. They are more than worth it.

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