Friday, November 21, 2014

my hero says

(Pulls me by the hand out of her room): "Come here, mom! I'll show you! It's a fun party...a fun party for YOU!...(Takes me into the entry way. Stops. Looks around and gasps.): "Where's the party!? I lost it!"

(In her angriest voice): "No listen a me!!"

(When I asked her if she wanted me to take her coat off): "Yeah. I can't be myself."

(Skipping around the house, randomly shouting): "Let's go team!"

(While in the library): "I can't wait!!! So excited!!!" (She LOVES the library and her intense excitement and enthusiasm is probably the closest thing to what I imagine a toddler would be like on crack cocaine.)

(During dinner, she bursts into song): "I love you mom and Chas and Golds and everything about it!"

(While laying in bed with me in the morning, Chas came into the room all dressed and ready for work. When she saw him): "Looking cute, babe."

(Waxing philosophical in the car seat): "It's hard to be."

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stephanie hammer said...

haha it IS hard to be. she's a quick one.