Monday, December 8, 2014

back at home again

Over the weekend, Chas and I were lucky enough to have a little getaway trip to St. George, Utah. I was able to book a couple of shoots to help off-set the cost and my mom and dad were willing to watch the girls.

We had the BEST time. Truly.

We went to San Francisco back in August (I think) but something about this little staycation seemed even better than our time in CA. We slept in, ate lots and lots of really yummy food, went bowling, stayed at a nice hotel with an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, saw two movies, went hiking, and met up with friends. During my shoots, Chas filmed me in action because he's working on putting together a little photographer promo video for me. It was extra special feeling like we were both working creatively together, side by side. I just love that we get to do stuff like this. Such a blessing in our lives.

We drove home yesterday afternoon and picked up the girls. It's great being back home and in our little routine again.