Wednesday, December 3, 2014

simple, quiet beauty

Blogging images like these has been a way for me to hold myself accountable and actually edit the photos I've started taking of my family and then pair them with my thoughts.

As I've given my blog new life, I'm making a deliberate, conscious effort to make these images and accompanying words be only for myself and my family. I realize that others may be following along and reading- and that's fine- great, even! But I really don't want this blog to be at all about trying to look "cool," be seen, or please others. It's honestly very easy for me to fall into that trap and play that game but I've learned that doing so sucks the joy and happiness out of all this for me pretty dang quickly. So I'm striving to keep myself in check.

For example, if I ever feel tempted to take a photo mainly because I want others to see what a hip little outfit Hero has on or because I actually am wearing something other than sweats and wouldn't it be great for people to see and know how awesome I am and what trendy clothes I own and wear on a consistent basis (haha!)....I stop. Take a step back. Realize I'm being a weirdo and just don't do it. I don't take that photo and I don't post anything for others. (And hopefully I'm not the only one out there who experiences those dumb little thoughts born of insecurity and self-consciousness every now and then!)

I want this blog to be a completely transparent and honest and REAL representation of my daily life with my family. When we do get dressed, we wear mostly normal clothes, have a pretty average house, and my fingernails are never painted. We don't live in a swanky city. We stay inside our house reading books and playing quietly most days. We don't eat beautifully prepared lunches nor do we sip our milk from glass bottles with cute striped straws. My baby is constantly growing out of her hand-me-downs and my toddler loves wearing lots of over-sized accessories and, occasionally, a giraffe costume.

No apologies.

But guess what, I think all that can be and IS absolutely beautiful. I scroll through these posts and take in these images and nothing is more COOL to me than all this. I've been blogging (on and off) for a long, long time but I've never felt more proud of what this blog is and what's it's not than I do now.

You don't have to be hip to have a beautiful life- just the way it is.


Veronika said...

cute pictures :) I take so many these days (mostly with my iphone). My daughter also had red hair! I just love it!

Melanie said...

That was beautifully said and you have a beautiful family.

Kimberly LaCroix said...

Your sincerity has always been what I've loved about your blog and its often been a platform for me to be reminded of what a truly beautiful life looks like. Likewise though, I can fall into that self-conscious trap of seeking the hip and the glass bottles with cute striped straws. Amen for choosing to turn off those unedifying desires and seeking honesty and contentment.

Jenna Foote said...

I love it. Well done.

Katie said...

Amen! Keep the real coming :)

Janssen said...

Seriously love you blogging again.