Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Before I run out the door to go teach,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm wearing wedding(ish) colors today.

In the last 15 minutes, I've also learned that playing with Photobooth while listening to raps is a killer combo. Actually, rap plus pretty much anything is a killer combo.
That is all.


Eliza said...

Do you remember when you told me you thought wedding colors were silly and you didn't want to do them? Just so you know, I now karate chop my pillows. So it is cool to change your mind :) (a gentle karate chop, as you suggested. Every time I look at them I think of my dear sis in law and her great suggestions)

Looking good in them wedding colors, girl.

sam said...


SO glad to hear about your pillow conversion :) Also, just so you know, I have some wedding pics up in my office at work and whenever someone comments on the awesome wedding colors, I always tell them how I didn't want any at first but, thanks to sister-in-laws, I saw the light.

Eliza said...

Well, I must say the ones you chose were pretty dang sweet. I have a good friend (very stylish, and cool you'd love her) who has never met you but loved the colors you chose so much she told me that every time she sees mustard yellow and cobalt blue she thinks of you...and well, me - but only because she knows me and doesn't know you :) this is getting random and tedious, sorry.

Point being that this is a classic example of Sam Card Kelly - when you decide to do something, you do it right and you do it all the way, baby! and that is just one of the reasons I love ya.

keep rocking them there colors!