Monday, September 20, 2010

What I found waiting for me outside my door one day

 First thing's first.
This post is so long over due it's not even funny. Not even. 

Let me tell you a little story. 

There once were two sisters-n-law (but, let's be honest, the "n-law" part is dumb because we be straight sistas). One was named Betta

and the other was Tess. 

And, clearly, they were both the bee's knees. 

One day, Betta and Tess saw this post about wanting new school clothes. A few days later, I came home from work, went out to get the mail, and guess what I found waiting for me on my doorstep. It was a box which I promptly ripped into and discovered a pair of olive green Toms inside. Betta and Tess had them shipped right to my door as a "happy fall!" surprise, just for me. 

I know, right!?

I love these gals. And it's not just because they squeal with me in excitement as we're making plans to see Charlie St. Cloud and Step Up 3D (yeah, those both happened), or because they really understand the amazing cinematic history that is the HSM series, or even because we get the same bad pop-raps always replaying in our heads. All these are merely the many cherries atop a scrumdidilly-umptious cake. 

Every time I slip on my Toms, I think about Betta and Tess and the importance of finding ways to actively show our love for those we love. 

The end.


T Kelly said...

:) We are so happy that you like your TOMS. :)


zlb said...

those two are gems. (well the whole family is). It's still a little hard for me to wrap my mind around tesslekins being all growed up, she was a shy little snuggle bug when I was in school out there- she and I had a special bond over queen Mab. . . those were good days. Thanks for the reminder of being active in showing our love dear Kelly ladies.

jenny said...

wow i haven't read your blog in so long! i had a bad link on my sidebar and couldn't remember where to find you :) thanks for posting it on fb. that is so great you sound so happy and doing so many good things! kinda funny, on my blog i just posted about the mormon bachelorette, except i kinda like it. cheesy and poorly made, yes, but i still enjoy. anyways hope all is well!!

candace said...

sooooooo awesome!! do you think they could help me out with some red cowboy boots :) ha ha!

Allison said...