Monday, January 17, 2011

fun facts

A while back, I was given a "Stylish Blogger Award" from Biscuit Mcghee and Haley K. One thing that I really love about the blogging world is the sense of genuine nice-ness that so many people so willingly dish out to basically weird strangers, like myself. Both these ladies always send me lots of love and support in their sweet comments. Also, their blogs are great. So check 'em out, yo. 

 Anywho, part of receiving this award is writing 7 fun facts about yourself. Then you're supposed to pass the award onto other bloggers buuuuuut it's getting late and I'd honestly rather be snugging with Chas so I may have to take a rain check on that last part. Sawies.

But for now, here are some things you should know about both me AND Chas. (Mixin' it up.)


1. Apparently I have abnormally small pinky toes and toenails. They kinda curl downward, leaving almost no room for a nail bed. Chas lovingly refers to it as the "humpback scrinchel."

2. I have sneeze attacks. My record is over 20 in a row. Just today we counted 8. 

3. I kinda can't stand crazy passionate Utah Ute fans...especially when their hate for BYU supersedes their love for their own team. Why does college football have to be so weird and vindictive?

4. My heaven will be filled to the brim with puppies, Oregon, and Hire's Big H cheeseburgers, fry sauce, and onion rings.


1. Loves Gwen's Stefani's "Sweet Escape" and is not ashamed to admit it or sing it...very loudly. 

2. Would rather die a horrible death than have to eat Cool Whip or margarine. It's the real deal or nothin' for this boy. 

3. He makes various sound effects and giggles in his sleep. 

4. Has this magical power of always being able to pick out the best new cereals for us to try. It's truly a gift.



beautiful blog....I subscribe to my blog...tks..kiss..

Mary Nevin said...

well deserved award!! i was recently out in utah and my heaven will have fry sauce as southerns are as lucky as you guys :)

hope you have a great week

I'm AE Jones said...

You definitely deserve the blogger awards! Love your blog. And, your description of Ute fans is right on - when their hate for BYU supersedes their love for the U, it is crazy... and annoying.

Megan said...

Haha, love the random facts! Especially about the sound effects and giggles! I LOVE when people talk in their sleep. I think it's so cute!

-Sam I Am- said...

girl i have weird toes too!!! no worries ;)

i loved getting to learn a little more about S + C :)

Miriam Lusk said...

You and Chas stories warm my heart. And your blog is kinda awesome.