Sunday, January 16, 2011

hang on

Last week was rough. 

As a therapist, working every day with the saddest of sad situations, you learn really quickly how to keep a healthy amount of emotional detachment from it all. Get in and get out. But every and now and then, at least for me, there are certain things that hit hard inside. That's how last week was. 

I think it started on Wednesday and got worse on Thursday. By Friday, I couldn't hold the sadness inside me anymore. It started bubbling to the surface right after my last group. You know when you're using every single once of focus to keep the tears from running down your cheeks? With deep, deep breaths and some little prayers, I kept it together. On the ride home and then sitting with Chas in our living room, I was finally able to let it all come pouring out. I cried for a while. Luckily, this is probably only the second time I've been affected by my work like this. And thank goodness for that. I really do pride myself on being able to keep a healthy distance from all the trauma I read and hear about in my art therapy world. But I guess it turns out that I'm a human, too. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: sometimes us humans just need a good cry.

You know what else I need? A few things. And this Saturday just so happened to be chock full with lots of them.

First, as always, is this bundle of joy.

Then, add a little Ikea. We came home with a bookcase for the living room and plants for the kitchen. 

Finish off with some happy live music. We took Bette and Tess to see Guster. Is there anything better than a killer concert? Well, probably puppies. But this show was definitely up there. 

And in the words of our good friends, Guster: 

Hang on, hang on.
There's a twilight, a nighttime, and the dawn.
Who knows how long?
Just hang on. Hang on.

So thanks, Saturday. You were just what the doctor ordered.


{av} said...

Glad your Saturday was what the doctor ordered--you deserved it after a tough week! Your new fun housegoods look gorgeous...and gotta love Guster! You are so strong...thank goodness you have your bundle of joy to brighten your day when it gets rough. xoxo {av}

Biscuit McGhee said...

I think the pots I bought at Ikea are the same as yours!

I completely understand the emotions thing... Working as a pre-school teacher and a nanny definitely threw some hard situations at me, and staying strong for the benefit of others seems to somehow be more difficult than anything else. I completely understand how you feel. Doesn't crying at home feel so healing? I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Shalyn said...

SOrry you had a tough week- it takes a special person to be a therapist and I am not one of those people but can definitely appreciate those of you who are! Glad you got to let your feelings out and have some fun over the weekend! Hope you had a great Sunday:-)

Megan said...

So sorry that you had a tough week! I totally understand how you feel. I am a nurse and there are some days where I just can't hold back the tears. I think that's SO important though when you are in a field that has to deal with emotional things. You must have a mix of both control and sympathy/emotions. Who would want someone who didn't care/feel their pain? However, obviously we can't cry ALL the time, or then we'd never help our patients/clients! You sound like you have the perfect mix! I hope you have a better week this week!

Stacey Sargent said...

Wow, I don't know how you do it! Thankfully there are amazing people in the world, like you, that are great therapists! I would probably come home crying everyday! But YES, a human needs a good cry every once and a while!

Rach said...

We recently bought a bookcase for our living room too (2 infact!). There is nothing better than shelves filled with books !! Love yours!

I'm AE Jones said...

So glad you had a great weekend after a not so great week. Bless you for loving your clients/groups so much!

Haley K said...

Your weekend definitely turned out great :) My brother is a family therapist...and he has told me many times how it takes an emotional tole on are one strong woman!

Love the bookshelf...and even though I can see just half of it, that lamp just left of it looks pretty sweet :)

lindsay said...

hello miss ♥ i am sorry the middle of your week was less than ideal, but i'm happy that your weekend shaped up nicely.

my grandmother was a psychologist and she always did say that some days were pretty rough.

i admire people like you who do what they do. you are amazing! truly.

have a beautiful day! xoxo

Emma said...

i can imagine how hard it would be to be a therapist! as a pediatric nurse i also have to have a certain amount of emotional detachment or i just go home crying all the time. it is a hard skill to learn! hope you are feeling better :)