Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bella Notte

Is it just me or, when you're married, does Friday night often feel just like another week night? Nice, but nothing special.

Sometimes I worry we're boring and maybe I even start feel a little sad about it. 
But then I remember I married Chas Kelly- a man who will willingly spend 3...4? hours painting with me on a Friday night. 

This painting kinda just happened. I'm glad it did because I kinda love it.
My little sister, Sarah, is having a baby boy in a few weeks. His name will be Banks. Coolest name ever, right?

I had actually just bought a cute boy outfit for Sarah's baby shower the next day.
Needless to say, that cute boy outfit is going back to the store. 

With love, from Aunt Sam. 


Chas hard at working on his painting. 

Ok, and this next part may push you over your love dove thresh hold, but, then again, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably built up a pretty strong tolerance to cheesiness... 

So as we worked closely together on our paintings, sharing the same palate and dipping our brushes in one cup of water, a certain classic Disney movie scene may have come to my mind once or twice.

It involves a Lady, a Tramp, and a plate of spaghetti. 

Any Friday night that results in comparisons being made to puppies and/or Disney romance is anything but boring.
Kinda perfect, actually. 


Mal Mecham said...

Sam, you are seriously adorable. I'm wouldn't lie about this. You manage to tell us all sorts of cute things about being married without being cheesy. Someone should give you a prize. :)

Caitlin said...

Far too adorable, I love it! :) And I love your paintings :)

larissa said...

What a cute name!!! Reminds me of Mary Poppins which was one of my childhood favorites. It's pretty adorable that you guys paint together. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me.

mayen said...

You are too cute.

The painting is really nice.

Emily said...

you are so talented!! love that painting

Saskia said...

My boyfriend and I sometimes laugh about this, because we absolutely adore the time we spend together on the couch at home. Or at the grocery store, or at the farmer's market, or anywhere we love going that doesn't seem "special enough".

Also, we laugh, because he often goes out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night, while I stay home and watch tv or read a book. We find it funny because I'm 24 and he's 40, so I'm the young one, supposedly with much more energy than he, the old one. Not so much - I'm the stay at home type, the in bed by 11 type. Funny how life works..

Eadaoin said...

That sounds divine, not boring at all!! I love our Friday nights - after a busy week it's a pleasure to order in a pizza and watch a movie with my man :) It's always such a lovely time and I love staying in with him, boring or not! Your Banks painting is just gorgeous - best of luck to your sister and her husband and to little Banks, I hope everything goes smoothly for the x

candace said...

Baby Banks will cherish that painting far beyond his baby days :) how sweet!!

SarahAnn said...

I think I love that about Friday nights. No worrying about getting up and out of the house. A homemade pizza and a Netflix movie is my favorite!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well that is definitely not an average Friday night! i absolutely LOVE the painting you two did and i bet your sister will be over the moon anticipating where to hang it. congrats to her soon-to-be baby boy, yes that name surely rocks. ♥

Austrie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! those painting are absolutely adorable. Thanks for the comment on my blog! made my day! Consider yourself followed back. :)

Jilleun said...

that painting is amazing! and my favorite friday nights are usually the relaxed one just doing anything with my hub. quick question, what type and where do you get your paint? Thanks!