Wednesday, November 16, 2011

let's talk about insurance, baby

Many of you offered such thoughtful and helpful comments after yesterday's post. Lots of the comments centered on the insurance issue. There were questions and great advice. I also received some wonderful emails on the topic.
Thank you. 

I thought a little follow-up post about the insurance issue was in order for today. 

I believe that one of the reasons Chas and I were blessed with such peace on the subject was because we do have a plan. 
I hope I didn't lead you to believe that we're just gonna wing it and hope that everything comes together somehow. That would be silly and irresponsible. 

There have actually been multiple plans drafted ever since we started wanting a little cryings. 

Plan A was praying our hearts out (for a long time) that Chas could get a full-time job that offered benefits. 
Turns out, that hasn't been in the cards for us. At least, not yet. 
We both feel like a job with benefits will eventually happen for our family. We're just not sure when.

Plan B was to go ahead and just start trying for a little cryings, regardless of not having benefits. 
Heather told us how there is great financial assistance offered through a local hospital. 
(I wrote a post about that story here.)

The first part of Plan B (the most important part) eventually worked out great. 
I'm making a little cryings! 

But, as I explained in yesterday's post, we apparently don't qualify for the hospital's financial assistance. 

So here's Plan C: 

In meeting with the financial aid counselor, we got a lot of good information and helpful specifics. 
We're using an awesome nurse midwife at the hospital and the total cost of all the visits with our midwife, the actual delivery, and post-natal care is a chunk of change that we can definitely work with. 
Adding hospital bills and a possible epidural, is still something we can afford.** 

If, heaven forbid, there are complications which shoot our medical bills through the roof, we will be in a much better place to qualify for financial assistance through the hospital after the birth because we'll owe tons of money and have a dependent we can claim. 
In fact, the counselor we spoke with was very certain that we'd be covered if this were the case. 

So that's basically what we're using as our "insurance policy" right now. 

We used to just pay for a policy with a super high deductible but have since cancelled it. The hospital's financial aid program is basically taking the place of that policy except we don't have to pay a monthly premium! 
The hospital also automatically deducts 20% from our bills because we don't carry insurance.
Win win. 

If Chas doesn't have a job with benefits after little cryings is born and we pass the time when the baby is no longer covered under the "post-natal care," we'll look into CHIP or something similar so we can be sure that our child will get the proper medical care it needs. 

** Ever since we got married two years ago, Chas and I have been working very hard and very diligently to make paying off my graduate school loans a top priority. 
If all goes as planned, we're hoping to have it almost alllll paid off by the time little cryings is here. 

Even though putting money towards my loans every month feels like we're just giving money away, an unexpected blessing has come. 
We both have a different, renewed perspective on large quantities of money, our ability to live frugally enough to save, and our ability to put money towards something super important.

It's a mixture of confidence in ourselves and faith that the Lord will provide if we sacrifice and do what's right. 

Blessings come when we do all we can on our own and then have faith in Heavenly Father being aware of our situation and his ability to open doors for us.


Jackie D said...

It sounds like you guys will be just fine, and that you've done your research and gotten everything figured out so that you can instead spend your energy on just being SUPER EXCITED for the little one to come!!

PS I tried the grilled cheese + jam thing, and wow? I think you're on to something.

Catherine said...

isn't insurance completely nutso? but you guys are SO awesome for figuring out what'll work for y'all! great job!

Saskia said...

I was wondering, are you planning to go back to work after the baby is born? Fulltime, parttime, or not at all?

Clio said...

Insurance is crazy in America. I don't know how you guys do it over there?! Sounds like you've got a great plan sorted though :)

Sky said...

So excited for you! And glad you've got the financial end of things under control :-) God is faithful!

Jenna said...

Amen to THAT whole post! I feel like even though I barely use my degree, I gained so much from learning to live frugally while in college. Someday I hope to use it more fully but for now, it's been more of an education than I ever bargained for.

Glad you have a plan! I was worried about you!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Insurance is the worst!!! Glad you have a plan :) I have no clue what well do but well figure it out when I'm pregnant ha!

communikate. said...

I love that you have faith and peace that it'll all work out. I have such anxiety and stress over money once a baby enters the picture. I'm finally after seven years of marriage trying to let some of that go and just hope for the best!

The lord will bless you my dear!

To The Stars said...

I love you! And it's about dang time you posted a belly pic because you are almost out of your first trimester!

Annie said...

Love to hear this! Sounds like you guys are all set. And really it is probably an amazing blessing (though hard to see that now) to have to be frugal and live on a tight budget, you will always be grateful for what you have and any bigger jobs with better benefits in the future will be such a huge blessing! :) Sending prayers and good vibes for everything to continue in such a positive way.

Libby said...

you must not have much stupdent fiance has $77,000 LEFT!! and he's been paying them for 2 years, ugggg, makes life so much harder for us : /

Emma said...

sam, you are one smart cookie. i'm so happy for you guys.

Lindsey Leitner said...

I think you guys have a great plan. I know everything will work out just fine. I am excited to see how your pregnancy goes and when your little one is finally here!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

So inspired by you two! Kyle and I have been putting off our baby plans for a long while (almost six years) because we've been waiting for the "perfect financial situation." And while I'm pretty sure a year or two down the road might be slightly better, I'm learning what everyone's been telling me all along. "The Perfect Financial Situation" is a made-up story that sounds really great but exists for next to no one. I have to keep reminding myself that money comes and money goes but God is ever present, ever constant, and ever faithful to provide "all that we ask and MORE."

Maria said...

It sounds like the two of you have a really strong idea of what's going on and what need to do! That is such a good thing and I believe that everything will go just fine and you'll have a perfect little cryings!

candace said...

you guys are so brave and i am SO happy for you!

Erin said...

Money is such a difficult thing. It can tear apart relationships. But you and your husband have such a beautiful handle on your finances and how you completely trust the Lord with it all! That is what counts! :)

Abby said...

We aren't ready financially for a little one yet. Sometimes I get pretty impatient about it-- I'm terrible I know. But I am always freaking out about how in the world we would pay for it, since I'm paying off student loans and my husband still has all of grad school to do, so thank you sooo much for doing so much research on the subject. It gives me a little peace of mind knowing that there are other options. xoxo!

Emma Frances said...

I love this. I will definitely be looking at this whenever we get pregnant and don't know how to pay for it. Haha. Thanks for sharing! {I would love to hear more about your decision to have a nurse-midwife and whether or not you are going to try for a natural birth!}

wildchild said...

i'm proud of the faith you're having for this. god knows exactly what you guys need, and he'll provide for you :) what a mighty god we serve.

Erin said...

Good for you! I absolutely adore all the faith you both have. I admire it. You {three} will be alright. :)

Elle Keeps Moving said...

love this. stop being so cool. it's getting old. not really. hope you're feeling better. xoxx

Caitlin said...

Sounds like you guys have a great plan :) I won't get too political but it's frustrating to me that this still happens in our country. Hardworking people shouldn't have to worry about going broke just because they want a baby...but again, won't get too political :) I think you guys are fabulous and I wish you the best of luck.