Friday, March 30, 2012

how a blow dryer changed everything

When I first got my hair cut a couple weeks ago, I wasn't loving how it turned out. Now, keep in mind that I've had my hair cut in tons of different styles. I've never regretted a new cut. It's always felt fresh and fun to have a change.

But this time, for some reason, was different. I couldn't figure it out and I may have cried just a little bit one morning when I looked in the mirror and felt like I resembled a little page boy. 

But then the HANA Air Premier Hair Dryer came into my life. 

Misikko is a high-end hair product company which also runs Hana Salon and sells the best hair straighteners
So I knew they were fancy but nothing could have prepared me for what came in the mail. 

I wasn't sent just a dryer wrapped in bubble tape and a cardboard box. 
No, no. 

I was sent a total princess care package. 
Chas and I couldn't keep from giggling in amazement as I unwrapped the box and continued to pull out goodie after goodie that came along with the dryer. 

And then came the moment of truth:
Pretty sure beams of light came shooting out from this box as I opened the lid. 

The complimentary shine serum is a total dream.
You know that smell your hair has after you've just dropped way too much money at a salon? Smells like you're rich and awesome? 
This stuff makes your hair smell that way every day- but for free. 
Love it. 

Chas was also in awe of the dryer. 
In fact, after he got out of the shower that night I heard him yell from the bathroom: 

"Hey Sam! Where's that dryer!?"

So he was the first to use it and the first to love it. 
(Please imagine him blow drying his hair and doing big, dramatic "hair commerical-esque" gestures and sways...because that's exactly how it went down.)

Then it was finally my turn. 
This blow dryer has changed everything because: 

It dries my hair very quickly and evenly. 
After using it, my hair actually feels more healthy and more supple.
The dryer seems to magically give my hair just the right amount of moisture it so desperately needs.
After I'm done drying, there's almost no hair on the floor that's fallen out. I can't even tell you how shocking that is every time. 
My hair stays feeling fresh and silky all day long. No extra products needed. 
And, best of all, because of my new dryer, I absolutely love my haircut! 

And just FYI...
Misikko has this dryer currently on sale for 42% off with free shipping! Huge savings.
Get on that, guys!

*I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 
Dryer provided by Misikko.


Jessica said...

Maybe I need a new dryer! I have always heard that when you're pregnant your hair grows faster and is so much prettier, and I must be the only person who has gone the exact opposite. Ever since I've been pregnant every day is a bad hair day! You look adorable!!

Heidi said...

I chopped my hair off about a month ago and am still hating it. it doesn't look cute curly, and I have curly hair! But if this blow dryer is as magical as you say, I might just have to invest!

p.s. your hair looks super cute!

Lindsay @ Hello Hue said...

So glad you loved the dryer! Your hair looks awesome, girl! Love that Chas was the first to try it, hehe.

I was sent the same one to review and didn't love it at all. I just thought it was too heavy and average for the price they were selling it for! Was so surprised and disappointed when I was met with some really rude and unprofessional responses from the company, so I don't think I'll be buying from them or working with them again. :/

Pia said...

I want one!! I am not sure if my hair and I will ever be best friends, but I think this dryer might help us get along.
Your hair looks super pretty. :)

Maggie said...

You look so pretty! I've been hearing about this dryer and I want to try it and blog about it because it sounds awesome :)

tracy baker said...

I was sold the minute you said no hair falling out on the floor! So excited!!

Kristin said...

I need a new thanks for the suggestion! Your hair looks just beautiful Sam. Amazing how just one new product can change our "outlook" :-) Happy Tuesday to ya...

Rachael said...

That is what I love about a haircut, how it feels after it's blow dried!! I'm glad you love your blow dryer, and how it's helping your hair. A girl and her hair is a powerful thing.

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