Monday, November 17, 2014

my hero says

(Speaking to her stuffed monkey): "Are you happy, monkey? Make pancakes already!"

(Every once in a while, she'll stop whatever she's doing randomly ask very frantically): "Where's my haircut!?"

(When we ask her what she dreamed about during the night, her answer is always the same): "Becca." (her babysitter)

(Two days in a row, she came to the doorway of Goldie's room while I was feeding her in the morning, stated very matter of factly): "Apples, and pears, and raisins, and acorns. Ok, mom?" (And then she'd turn and walk away. She's also started saying the exact same phrase every night as we're walking out of her room after putting her to bed. NO CLUE what it's about but it is cracking me and Chas up.)

(Sometimes she'll look at me and say so enthusiastically and supportively): "Cute haircut, mom!"